Doc Mananoff - He Really Isn't A Dic$

Doc Mananoff - He Really Isn't A Dic$
Doc Mananoff

Doc Mananoff – He's Really Not A Di@&

Chicago Artist - Doc Mananoff

Chicago Artist - Doc Mananoff

Doc Mananoff has quite a reputation, most of it stemming from the explicit lyrics in his music. I'm not in love with every song in his arsenal, but I like more than enough of it to be to very interested in his newest project, the “Addiction” series. I bought the first track “Addiction”, and I really liked it, so when I heard that the follow up track was being released, I reached out to him in hopes of snagging an advance copy.

I emailed and just said that I heard that the follow up track to “Addiction” was being released and asked for a copy. He responded that everybody could have a copy.....on May 24th, when it will be released to the public and available for purchase. I thought to myself, what a di@k!

But then a few days later, I received another email from him. I almost deleted it, but instead I decided to read it. Turns out it was a very brief message apologizing for his rudeness with an advance copy of the new song! I was pleasantly surprised! So, I replied to thank him and explained that I recently decided to start writing for my blog about Chicago artists again, and asked to interview him. I was even more surprised that he agreed.

He seemed different in person. His ego was much more intact than I expected. And, I suspect, that if I had asked him if he's introverted and a tad shy directly, he would have vehemently denied it, but he is. He really listened to my questions and was very open and brutally honest (too honest at times; I was too embarrassed to actually write down or make record of some of the things he said), and I really appreciated that.

We talked about his music in general, the new “Addiction” project and of course, the use of explicit lyrics in his music. Keep reading to find out what we talked about. However, there are parts of the conversation that have been excluded due to the absolute adult nature/language of that particular content.

Me: Thanks for meeting with me, I really appreciate it. I read your bio and I'm familiar with your music, but I wanna know about you.....what you're like in real life.

Doc: No thanks needed. I'm happy that somebody is interested enough in Chicago artists that they wanna write about it, so thank you for doing it and wanting to interview me.

Me: (Thinks to self, is this the right guy – which causes a very obvious awkward silence?) Once I regroup; What prompted your interest in becoming an emcee?

Doc: I liked rap as a really young kid, but it was hearing artists like Run DMC and Whodini that made me want to become an emcee.

Me: What's your favorite Whodini song?

Doc: “Friends”. That song really resonated with me because it had a real message.

Me: But initially, you were focused on graffiti art, and music was second to that, right? Graffiti Art by Doc Mananoff

Doc: That's true, I didn't realize until later that music was my real true love.

Me: What happened that helped you to realize that?

Doc: (A sly sort of smile slowly takes over his face) “Well, I had a slight incident that made me reconsider the danger involved in tagging moving trains. While I was healing from that “slight' incident, I started to focus on music and it's remained my primary focus ever since. Graffiti Art by Doc Mananoff

Me: Smart move. When did you become really serious about becoming an emcee as a profession?

Doc: It was while I was in high school. I had done a few shows by then and I was hooked. I had an opportunity to work with a Hip House music label right out of high school, but the contract they wanted me to sign seemed like I was gonna be taken advantage of, so I declined and opted to continue to do my own thing.

Me: In looking back now, do you regret not signing with that label?

Doc: Not at all. I knew it wasn't the right choice for me. In the end, it wasn't a good choice for anybody, including the people who did sign with that label.

Me: Ok, point taken. How did you come to meet Kanye West?

Doc: He was a kid from the neighborhood (well, our new neighborhood. I grew up in the Altgeld Gardens Housing Projects, but later, we moved to Blue Island) who hung out with my little brother. Kanye made a beat that he and my brother were going to use for a song that they were going to perform at a school contest. I came home one day and my brother was playing it, and it sounded pretty good. So, I took the tape to Dug and No ID so they could hear it. Their interest wasn't immediate, but they eventually worked it all out and the rest is history.

Me: Ok. You also have a very famous artist friend, who is near and dear to my heart! George Clinton from Parliament/Funkadelic.

Doc: Oh yeah, George is real cool! I met him at work one day, and because of some interesting circumstances, we ended up hanging out and later becoming friends. And, it's not just because he likes my music and said that I'm “A hell of a lyricist”. He is a true genius and I had been a big fan of his music long before I ever met him or becoming friends with him.

Me: That's awesome! So, where does your musical inspiration come from?

Doc: I find inspiration everywhere, in everything. The ideas just come to me from wherever.

Me: Let's switch gears a little, and chat about the inspiration for your current project. Where did the idea for the “Addiction” project come from?

Chicago Artist - Doc Mananoff

Chicago Artist - Doc Mananoff

Doc: A conversation with a friend. I think I said something to the effect of being proud to be perverted. And they said I was a sex addict and should consider doing something about it. I agreed. And, I did do something about it, I explored, more like exploited it, and used it as inspiration for my music.

Me: The lyrics in these songs are very explicit. Is that your approach to music, women and sex in real life?

Doc: The lyrics are explicit because sex is explicit. How can you discuss an explicit topic without explicit language? And yes, I'm very direct in my approach to my music, as I am with everything in real life, women and sex included.

Me: So, you would go up to a woman in real life and say something similar to the lyrics in your music?

Doc: I would, if I ever did that.

Me: Did what? Approach a woman?

Doc: Yeah, I never really have to do that. Women always approach me.

Me: (Thinks to self – there's the ego I've been waiting for) Are you serious?! You've never approached a woman? Never?! Ever?!

Doc: No, I haven't. Not that I've never seen a woman that I would approach, but they always approach me before I get a chance to approach them. I don't go out looking to meet women, I go out to have a good time. I always assumed that women go out for the same reason, and I just never wanted to be that guy who interrupts their fun with some corny pick up line. Not that my pick up lines would be corny, if I had any, but you know what I mean.

Me: (thinking this guy can't be serious, but ok.....) Alright, I'll take you at your word that women always approach you. Why do you think that is?

Doc: I'm not sure. Maybe they can tell that they can be honest with me. Once you're old enough to make your own decisions about sex, you should have the freedom to explore it in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Men have that freedom. Men are admired for being able to enjoy and experience as many women as possible. But it's not like that for women. People judge women in a totally different way when it comes to sex. People, mostly men probably, wanna call a woman a hoe if she's been with more than 3 guys in a year, when they've probably been with 20 women just last month. I'm not like that. I feel like, if you're grown, responsible and safe, you should be able to do whatever makes you feel good. I think women appreciate being able to say and do all that raunchy dirty shit without feeling that they're being judged..... and being able to tell me all the things they've always wanted to do or try in bed.....and hopefully having someone who might be up for doing it with them. I think it's important that those opportunities are available to women the same way they're available for men.

Me: And you want to be the guy who spearheads the “Equal rights to all sexual experiences for women without judgment” campaign?

Doc: (enter the Cheshire cat smile), Well, somebody's gotta do it. And I feel as though my particular skill set makes me the perfect man for the job. It's a lot of work, trust me. But, I have a very big strong work ethic. I'm the kind of guy who dives head first into his work......and who doesn't stop working until I know for certain that each and every one of my clients is totally satisfied with every aspect of the process, from start to finish.... know what I mean (as the one eyebrow raises)?

Me: Ok, thanks for the explanation. I'm sure your “big strong work ethic” is much appreciated by your “clients”. I'm gonna just leave this right where it is and let that answer close out the discussion on the “Addiction” project. (We “LOL”ed, literally at this).

Me: Ok, let's switch gears again, what about your graffiti art? Are you still doing that?

Doc: I'm not tagging moving trains anymore, but yes, my art is still a big part of my life. I still do graffiti pieces and I do T-Shirt design.

Me: I think it's great that you're still creating visual art as well. That shows real dedication.

Doc: I'm very dedicated to all the important work I do. (Another Cheshire smile makes me think that he realizes that I still have some lingering innocent embarrassment; and he's just making fun of me now for having the same facial expression as a 13 year old girl who just found a dirty magazine while snooping through her older brother's room).

Me: (Whatever for him!) Okaaaaay, change of topic, take two! Who is your favorite Chicago artist?

Doc: TCM, he's from Altgeld Gardens also. The best there ever was!

Me: Ok, I'll have to check him out. And your newest track

Addiction Dos by Doc Mananoff

Addiction Dos by Doc Mananoff

“Addiction Dos” featuring Leona Dulce will be available May 24th, 2018, right?

Doc: Absolutely! I know you already have a copy, but don't share it so all your friend's will have to get their own copy! Lol!

Me: I'll make sure of it!

At the close of the interview and after all the “Thank you”s and what-nots, he confirmed that I was all set for transportation home, which I was, and then he left as quietly and politely as he had arrived. I thought, wow, he's really not a di@k.

In the interview he confessed that by age 11, he had figured out how to rig any sort of television with almost any sort of setup or capabilities to get porn channels. I promised not to tell anyone, and I won't......except for you guys! Sorry Doc.....

Wanna know more about Doc Mananoff? Check out his website.

The new track will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Apple Music, shortly.

You can also find his music on YouTube,

You can connect with him on Twitter, and Instagram

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