CIMMFest No. 6 Closing Out On A High Note

CIMMFest No. 6 Closing Out On A High Note

Sunday, May 4 is your last chance to experience the awesomeness of CIMMFest 2014.

A collection of music and film events are geared towards educating, networking with seasoned industry professionals and entertaining you at the same time. "Each Spring filmmakers, musicians, and their passionate fans alike, descend upon Wicker Park and Logan Square, two of Chicago’s most eclectic, vibrant neighborhoods. That’s where CIMMfest takes place—the films by day, the live music by night—at theaters, galleries, bars, concert spaces, and some of the city’s most storied venues."

If you're not sure what events to check out, below is a list of our recommendations for Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wanna know where all the ladies in film are?

A Woman’s Place is on a Set: The Future of Female Filmmakers

Sunday, May 4, 12:30PM-1:30PM Collaboraction Theater (1579 N Milwaukee, Suite 300)

This panel led by Eva Saha (190 North) looks at how women take control of their creative futures by making successful indie film projects across all platforms. Featuring Wendy Jo Carlton (Writer/Director/Producer, Easy Abby), Lisa Cordileone (Actor/Producer, Easy Abby), Corrina Crade (CRADEmade Entertainment), Katia Gomez (Cherry Hill Films), and Fawzia Mirza (Kam Kardashian).

This panel is sponsored by the Chicago Acting in Film Meetup NFP (CAFM).  Founded in 2007, with the goal of helping its members become smarter Chicago actors, CAFM has become the premier co-mentoring and educational group for working film actors in Chicago.

Looking to build your own studio? At home?

Basement Records: How to Design and Build a Recording Studio in Your Home

Sunday, May 4, 12:30PM-2PM (Logan Theatre Lounge - 2646 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

Egg cartons & rugs on the walls, speakers from you dad’s 1959 Chevy and mics from ‘Paper Cups R’Us’ not cutting it? Your family & neighbors hate you while your recordings sound like cardboard? You found out the hard way or perhaps you’re about to? Don’t let this happen to you. Fix it or get it right the first time.

Music industry experts are stepping in and EARS, an organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in audio production, consisting of recording studio professionals have put together a panel to discuss the ins and outs of how to do design, build and do you, your clients and your studio right.

Get the information you need to know on designing, soundproofing, building, equipping and anything we can squeeze into two hours those that love it, live it and breath it.

Join us for a great presentation, panel and discussion on designing and building your recording studio dream… do it right

She's In the Band: Presented by Boxx Magazine

Sunday, May 4, 2PM-3PM, Emporium (1366 N Milwaukee)

Hearing talented women in music is nothing new, although today many more are finally gaining the critical respect they deserve. This discussion will look at the history of female artists and uncover the ways the industry may have changed to welcome a broader spectrum of musicians. We will look to expose the ways women are gaining traction in the music industry and which obstacles do they still need to overcome as well as provide tips for others looking to make their break.

The Man Behind the Throne

Sunday, May 4, 3PM- 4:35PM, Society For Arts (1112 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

Millions of people have imitated his moves, but few know his name: Vincent Paterson, the choreographer to the stars. Paterson is responsible for some of the modern era’s most famous dances, including Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” tour, and the large-scale dances in Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark. From the heights of stardom to the depths of despair, director Kersti Grunditz brings us along as Paterson tackles his biggest challenge yet, a massive Elvis-themed Cirque du Soleil show that will define—or end—his career.

The Sax Man

Sunday, May 4, 5PM-7PM, Society For Arts (1112 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

To most of Cleveland, Maurice Reedus Jr. is “the Sax Man,” an iconic busker in flashy clothes who serenades passersby, rain or shine. They don’t know that he’s the son of a Grammy-winning musician, or that he narrowly missed stardom as part of an arena-headlining Motown band in the 1970s. But it all fell apart, and now Maurice is a sixty-year-old man wondering what went wrong. A surprising invitation to relive the glory days gives him one last chance to tell his hometown who he really is.

Ingenuity of Hip Hop: Psalm One| Serengeti | A Cross | Ancient Jewlz

Sunday May 4, 8PM- 12AM Subterranean (2011 W North Ave)

Hologram Kizzie aka Psalm One is second to none. Her ability on the mic and effortless swagger brings life to forward thinking songs and instills vibrancy in live shows. Serengeti follows the theme of stirring hip hop in this exhibition, delivering his outlook on alternative rhythmic music and spoken lyrics. This show is something to experience and not just be present, with appearances with up and coming Chicago talents Alexander Ross (known as A-Cross) and young MC’s Ancient Jewlz.

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See you there!

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