Please Excuse Me While I Vent!

Please Excuse Me While I Vent!

As a person who hasn't listened to radio in over 12 or 13 years, I admit that I probably am a bit out of touch with ALL the new music that's being made now. However, because I have many friends who are music enthusiasts like myself, who understand my personal musical tastes, I've been able to keep up with some new music that's really good.

Most of it has been from people who are "on the local scene" if you will, and NOT famous!

I keep wondering how did music get to the point where so much of it just sounds awful? Maybe I'm aging myself here, but am I the only person who remembers when a someone who is referred to as a "singer" actually had to be able to sing?

Keeping in mind that "singers" are classified differently than "entertainers".  Here's what I mean, Patti Label is a "singer". Janet Jackson is an "entertainer".

The first time I heard about Drake, I asked who he was and why people were talking about him so much? I was told that he was a really hot artist. So, I listened to a few of his songs. His voice sounded more like a little kid whining than singing.

As I continued to listen and kept looking at him, I thought, hey, that's the little kid who played the paraplegic on Degrassi Junior High. What a transformation. How the hell did this kid become a "hot artist"?

But back to my point, does anybody else remember when artists actually played instruments and made their own music? The Funkadelics did not spend all their time behind some sounds boards with beat machines and such.

There's nothing wrong with that, but damn, do ANY of these people play anything? That's a real question by the way, and not me being sarcastic.

A lot of great music sounds great because it's sampled from other great music. If there isn't any new music being made, what will people sample 20 years from now? Gangnam Style?

Also, I need to say this, I am angry with any and everybody involved with making that crap! And, I mean EVERYBODY!

The people who made it, their parents, their parent's parents, the people in the studio who recorded it, the people who own the studio where it was recorded, the people who made the video, the people who bought it, the people who have danced to it, and whoever created a Wikipedia page for it.

Oops, lost my way again. Sorry, I'm back now.

I'm sure my parents felt the same way about some of the artists (and I'm using the term artist loosely here due to the subject matter of this post) that I listened to growing up.

But at least I could say things like, "Well, he taught himself to play 26 different instruments, or , he wrote that song for so and so that you love"!

How do people defend themselves against those sorts of statements now? I guess they could say that so and so has lots of fans and makes lots of money, but does that really defend a question like "why do you listen to these stupid people"?

Are we no longer allowed to expect that these artists have talent? What do you think?

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Yes, please and thank you!

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