Meet Erik "Sycosis" Roberts

Meet Erik "Sycosis" Roberts

Erik "Sycosis" Roberts

I was fortunate enough to see Erik Roberts, who goes by the name of "Sycosis" perform at the Red Line Tap in October last year. I liked the music and I really liked the way he focused on the crowd and interacted with them.

As his performance continued, I started to listen to what he was saying. Wow! His lyrics actually had meaning. I thought where the hell has this guy been? How come I've never heard of him before.

After the show, I had a chance to chat with him after and was pleasantly surprised to find out that in addition to being a great performer, he's also very professional with a positive spirit!

He's from Chicago and has been writing and performing since before his teens, but his choice to continue on the path of an artist came during his high school years.

Best You Never Heard Of ... Check 1, 2

Best You Never Heard Of ... Check 1, 2

"From freestyle battling, to kickin' a cypher I got more and more involved in using word play and developing a solid delivery. Music is my biggest passion because it gives you the ability to be whatever you want to be through the power of words." ..."its really all about creating, and that starts in the mind which is why I go by Sycosis."

He says his main objective "is to challenge how people look at and approach making Hip-Hop music...lets make it an art again, lets look at how we can do what hasn't been done and say what hasn't been said. Let's make Mind Right Music!"

He released his album entitled "Tri-Polar" on Halloween 2011. The tracks and videos from the album have been featured on several Rap Internet radio stations across the country and internationally.

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, MOG, and in the Android Market.

You can see him perform LIVE on Wednesday, March 13th at the Red Line Tap.
Show starts at 8PM!

Plus, he was recently chosen to perform with Slaughter House's "Crooked I" for Coast to Coast LIVE on Thursday, March 21st at Club E.

Check out some of his music!

You can contact Sycosis here.

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