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All Dolled up--to work out?

Often times I find myself acting and perhaps looking like someone of the opposite sex (that would be male). College has caused me to grow apathetic towards my appearance. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not troll, but the whole getting dressed up thing is kind of getting old. There are several occasions in which... Read more »

Pessimistic about Optimism

If there is one thing I’ve always despised its optimism. People who think every day is a pouch filled with children’s laughter. Those types of people who try to make even the worst situations seem acceptable and “fine”. Its not that I don’t believe in a random miracle here or there, but some people just... Read more »

A Blog About How I Hate Blogging

Okay, seriously people. Who do you think I am? Paris Hilton? You think I can just sit around on my Dad’s money all day and blog EVERY DAY! No, I cannot. I’m a human being, flesh and blood, and I have to work, intern, and get wasted this summer. How can I do that if every... Read more »

Automatic Doors.....suck

  Automatic Doors   Before I start my rant, let me apologize for abandoning my blogging duties for a good week. I had finals at school and well that took up most of my life. Now that it’s summer I shall be able to update daily, but I’m not making any promises.   I know... Read more »


Being a college student, I’ve spent my fair share of time in a study lounge studying. However, last night I was spending some time in the study lounge and there was no one else there. So, naturally, you’d think I’d take that time to get some good quality study time in. I could even say... Read more »

Wedgies: To pick or not to pick

Gosh, man, goodness grief! There is nothing worse then walking down the street, hallway, or wherever you walk in public and having the feeling of your underwear slowly but surely creep up your backside. It’s all that you can think about. However, wedgies are not a homogeneous group and it is unfair to categorize them... Read more »