Pessimistic about Optimism

If there is one thing I've always despised its optimism. People who think every day is a pouch filled with children's laughter. Those types of people who try to make even the worst situations seem acceptable and "fine". Its not that I don't believe in a random miracle here or there, but some people just really take it to the extreme. There are several things that these highly delusional and probably high people think and say that really grind my nipples (new phrase..testing it out).


"It could be worse"


Where do I even start...So something bad happens to you..You fail a test because you're an alcoholic, your boyfriend dumps you and you've gained too much weight in college to get a new one, your parents decide the last 20 years have been a mistake (including the part about you) and get a divorce.. there are plenty of things in life that make us feel down, sad, and angry...but then here comes the optimist...with a smile and a below average boner saying "Well, It could be worse!" First off, yes it's true, it could be worse..but most people don't live in the theoretical they live in the here and now and right now the situation sucks. So yes Bozo things could be worse...but how does that make me feel better right now...


Another variation of this "it could be worse" bull crap is the saying "there is always someone else worse off then you" first off leave the less fortunate out of it, they did nothing to you. Also when we say stuff like this we are putting ourselves above others, but what we fail to realize is that there are also people above us. When those people above us say "we could always be worse off" or "someone is worse off then us" those people they are referring to are YOU and your kind. So you see, saying that we could be worse off isn't really helpful in making someone  feel better because its really just a constant reminder that there are people better off then you that refer to you when making that same statement.



"Everything happens for a reason"


This is the type of crap I really can't stand. Today in class I just happened to let one rip really loud and it smelt...the optimist next to me just smiled and said "its ok..Everything happens for a reason." Okay. So that's not a true story...but what exactly does this statement mean? I think things don't happen for a reason, I think things just happen. Sure eventually it may all work out..but that's coincidence. So just face it..Your boyfriend dumped you because you were annoying..not because there is something better for you out failed college because you are stupid...not because you're just not a "school-type" and most importantly if you get knocked up at 15 its not because God wanted to send you an's because you were skipping class and smoking pot the day they covered condoms is sex ed. Life is filled with the consequences of our own actions and the actions of those around us. We are in control of it. If everything does happen for a reason, that reason is because someone made a decision to make it happen.




I realize today's post is less witty and perverse then usual and more pessimistic, but what can ya do? I leave you with five things I've seen or heard today so far...


  1. Someone I see in my classes pronounces her r's as w's. It's entertaining, but also sad, she also has a odd amount of pins in her hair.
  2. A lovely Asian couple walking together, while both of them intently stared down and their phone
  3. A man with a British accent whose head looked like a penis...although I can't be totally sure...he was wearing a hat.
  4. A squirrel working hard and trying to survive while spoiled college kids passed by
  5. a double chin



That's all..


Stay hard Chicago,



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