Weight loss because you're a loser.


So as I was in a group fitness class the other day and the instructor kept shouting, as if to encourage us to work harder, and she said " Come on ladies..Finish it off!" Now besides the automatic perverted response I have to this statement..all I could think about was the fact that the only thing I can finish off is a piece of pie or an entire loaf of banana bread.


That's when I realized..it's called weight loss because you lose. It's a constant battle of trying to make your body fit someone else's image. Magazines are full of pale, gaunt, thin girls who with out touch up or make up could have been holocaust victims. I realize there is nothing wrong with wanting to get healthy, which I do. But why is it we live in a society where everyone is OBSESSED with loosing weight or "starting diets". I've done this myself and let me say it's a vicious cycle. Note: I always start my diet after I've had an entire medium pizza..never before.


So why is it that people want to lose weight? I mean, if your health isn't at risk then what is it. I have a very good theory that I think will swarm the nation like the Obama "yes we can" message (notice I don't capitalize that). People want to lose weight so they can look good in their facebook profile picture. I know what you're thinking..that's crazy, but think about it. We live in a world where everything is online. It's more important on how you appear to look online then what you actually look like. You ever meet someone in person after you saw a picture of them online and you are just like..wow he/she looked a lot better on facebook! It's all part of a plan. People wanna look hot on their facebook for other people to look at and get jealous. Just saying.


And then there are the obese people who honestly do need to lose weight. Not because they are a muffin top, but because their life is at risk. This is not a funny issue, but I can't help but wonder are people who aren't sickly obese, but overweight really victims of a "disease." It cracks me up when ever I hear about someone wanting to sue fast food chains or junk food companies for making them "fat". We live in America. Yes you get a chance to choose for yourself and if you make the CHOICE to eat like a pig and NOT WORK OUT then that is no one's fault but your own. I mean, I've seen these shows where people are just like "I've tried everything and nothing's worked" as they are pulling up to a McDonalds drive through..i just don't get it. But that's just me.


I would continue but there is a Busch Light calling my name..yeah I know ew.


Stay Hard Chicago,



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