An open letter to my daughters' 4th grade teacher

An open letter to my daughters' 4th grade teacher
This is a letter to help my daughters' 4th grade teacher.

Dear Mrs. McGuire,

The first thing you should know is that we have been praying for you. Madison and Morgan were really excited to start 4th grade with you in August. But, after the first month, you started going "bananas" as they put it.  Throwing books, screaming, and getting mad over the smallest things have really dashed my daughters' spirits.  Always wanting to send someone to the office makes class so scary. The girls would like to know: Do you even remember what it was like to have your parent's called at work in the middle of the day?

Today, however, really took things to another level.

A new student transferred in and you really did a good job preparing us for someone who is shy and may have a difficult time blending in with our 4th grade class that has been bonding for several weeks now. But all of that changed in just a matter of moments.

We could not believe that you would yell in front of her and continue to threaten us with your usual rant:

"Do you want to go to the office?!?! Do you want to go to the office?!?"

Needless to say, the new girl is just as afraid of you now as we are.

This is still only the beginning of the year, and we have several months to go. We have a few suggestions that may help the class get along better:

  1. Maybe, if you could just quiet down a little bit the same way you expect us to, that would really help and we wouldn't sit in the bathroom about to cry, fearful for our lives.
  2. Can you please not throw your books, especially the big, thick grammar book? It makes the loudest noise ever and scares the bejeezus out of us.
  3. Just because the student is new, she shouldn't get special privileges of not having her behavior card flipped "until the end of winter break" while you threaten to flip our cards faster than a family game of Uno on a Saturday night.

Behavior flip cards are not fun in 4th grade.

Behavior flip cards are not fun in 4th grade.

We really love our school, our community, and our 4th grade classmates. We're only 9 and we'd just like to ask that you not take out all of your anger on us. We go to character building classes every Wednesday night at our church and we have our entire group praying for our class. My parents are in the adult class, and maybe you should come with us. Consider this an open invitation.

This is a letter penned by both twins Madison and Morgan, two former Chicago girls now residing in the south suburb of Home Sweet Homewood. We want our classroom to be the same.

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