I need "big girl confidence"

I need "big girl confidence"
I need to do this!

At the expense of pissing off a whole bunch of women, I'm going to say it:

I need "big girl" confidence, or #BGC, a new slogan I'd like to create to empower women of all shapes and sizes.

I'm sure you may be wondering what #BGC is. Well, BGC is something big women have that clearly I do not.

Big girls wear things that I would never even dare try on privately in a dressing room let alone wear out into the street. I see this all the time, and maybe you do too.

Confidence is healthy and something all women need.

Confidence is healthy and something all women need.

Recently at the Homewood Fall Fest, a joyous occasion that brings out south suburbanites for live music, vending, food tasting, and family fun, there was a big woman, or "BG" as I affectionately call plus-sized women, (which just as a tangent, I do actually love the Bee Gee's which is kinda how I got the name, but I digress).  Any the who, there was a BG there who was maybe a size 20 or so, I don't know, I'm really bad with closing size estimations, but she was definitely not petite--not that petite is good or right or ideal--I'm just saying.

I know I'm going to hear about this.

Well anyway, my husband whispered in my ear, "You ARE right baby. #BGC." I turn around, and sure enough, there she was. It was a beautiful 80+ degree hot autumn day, and this woman had on an 80s style dress to match.  This "go get 'em girl" skin tight spandex dress showed every ripple, dent, roll, and bulge. How is she able to pull this off? What must she have to wear that? She must have "Big Girl Confidence!"

It's not just her though.  I see it all the time.

I see BGs in leggings and tights and jeans and skirts and workout clothes and all kinds of things I would never ever have the courage and confidence to even take to the dressing room. I don't know how they do it; perhaps they've embraced their size and said,

"Eff it. This is what I look like and you only have one life to live so I'm wearing it."

Whatever it is, I don't say it and I don't do it.

I need "big girl confidence."

While the clothes may not appear flattering to me, I do think there is something empowering about #BGC.

This past summer I took my twin girls to the pool almost every other day and the BGs were there in all their glory. The BGs had on two pieces with their stomachs out and belly rings glistening while I, a fitness instructor with a smaller frame, wore suits that covered my abdomen because I've had major abdominal surgery. I have a big old scar running vertically on my midsection.  For me crop tops are out of the question and me wearing a sport bra with no shirt over it a rarity. But not for the BGs.  They wear strapless tops, tankinis, bikinis, and anything else their hearts desire!

What the what?!?!

Their selfies come scrolling across my Facebook timeline with posts like,

I'm not mad at women who don't fit the traditional stereotype of women who rock their outfits. I need some #BGC.

I'm not mad at women who don't fit the traditional stereotype. We could all benefit from #BGC!

"Headed out and feeling fabulous!" and they may have on a dress with the cleavage going, the hips protruding, the cellulite rolling, and the stretch marks glowing, and I think to myself...

I Need Big Girl Confidence.

I wonder what that must feel like: to be able to stand in front of the mirror and see your imperfections and just roll with it and embrace your day with confidence and pizzazz.  Most times, I'm trying to tuck, flatten, suck up, hold in, and hide my flaws. I have Spanx in every style and color and they are my best friend, but baby, not the BGs. They just let it roll. Literally.

I think it's awesome.  I think the world needs more women with #BGC. Lord knows I do!

Keep the conversation going on my Facebook page "The Everyday Me." Also, leave me a comment after the blog. I want to hear from YOU.

Keep the conversation going on my Facebook page "The Everyday Me." Leave me a comment after the blog. I want to hear from YOU.

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About me: I'm a wife and mom of six daughters known as "The Fitness Evangelist" because of my ability to take ordinary fitness classes and turn them into worshipful events.  I also help people with their health and fitness goals any where in the world through my business with Total Life Changes. For more information about me, you can visit my website at http://elanainspires.com or go directly to my TLC website for product information http://totallifechanges.com/elanainspires.



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