"Drunk In Love": A Sober Look at Beyoncé

"Drunk In Love": A Sober Look at Beyoncé
Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" leaves some nauseated

Recently, a friend of mine, posted on Facebook her experience of hearing Beyoncé's"Drunk In Love" for the first time.  Delores Balogun, Founder and Creator of iGlowMentoring, much like myself, primarily listens to non-secular music, and she described what it was like to hear Beyoncé's song for the first time.  The discussion was so interesting I decided, with her permission, to share her post with my ChicagoNow family.  What makes Delores's thoughts so intriguing is that she is a woman in her late 20s who is proud to share with the world that she is virgin living a life of purity. iGlow stands for Inspiring Girls to Lead Our World. Here is Delores's Facebook post.

Drunk in LUST?  
Ok, most of you know I only listen to Christian music. Unless I hear it with someone I almost NEVER know any other music but Christian. Nothing wrong with other types of music, it's just my preference…While on a business trip, my co-worker decided to drive to our meeting.

When I got into the car she was BLASTING Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" song... I'm not going to lie, it was DOPE. DOPE!!!! DOPE! This was my first time hearing the entire song multiple times... She played it about 5 times.

I never want to seem like the SUPER DEEP Christian so of course I said nothing. Low key, I actually was enjoying the song. #DontJudge lol

So, I go on with my day as a normal day not realizing anything had penetrated my spirit. Once I got back to my hotel room I pulled out my laptop and started working while playing Kari Jobe. After working for 10mins and playing worship music I starting singing "Cant keep my fingers off it, Baby I want you. Na Na." While singing my hands instantly went in the air, fingers snapping, and dancing. This was my JAM!

From singing the words my mind started THINKING the words..... Let's call a spade a spade... Lust was entering my heart.

It caught me off guard because this isn't normal behavior for me. I'm a worshiper but my mind and spirit wasn't thinking about Kari Jobe OR the Jesus she was singing about.

I never talk bad about artists. I actually like Beyoncé and have a lot of respect for her and what she does. HOWEVER, I can't listen to her music. Nothing against her but I REALLY REALLY am in love with God and I want to please him with my life and I can't do that listening to Beyoncé...

Moral of Post: This post is not for everyone. BUT if you are attempting to live a life of purity or a life pleasing to God YOU CANT listen or watch whatever you want. Its not "just" music but you will receive the spirit behind the song. You must be guarded at all times. Whether you acknowledge it or not, music has the power to control your behavior and or thoughts. Music is POWERFUL.

Many of the comments Delores received, as she often does about purity, reverence, and living a Christ-centered life, questioned her feelings simply based on her being a virgin. But my response to her, and to others, was that I am a married woman and I can't listen to Beyoncé's song, or really any kind of secular music either. Certain music makes my mind go to places that I have either visited and wish never to return, or the music is just completely outrageous and degrading. If you read my blogs often, you know that I always mention being a mother of six daughters, and so, here I go again saying that once more, because I can assure you that a song that sounds innocent or just has a "good beat" sounds A LOT different when your daughters are singing the lyrics. This happened to me with some NeYo song (at least I think it was NeYo). This was about a year ago and I attempted to be a cool mom by switching to a popular afternoon R and B station that up until a few years ago, was the norm for us to listen to while riding in the car. I had just picked my daughter up from school, she was in 8th grade at the time, and I had my twin 4-yr. olds in the car. The song seemed nice enough until just out of the blue, he begins to say something to the effect that his girl would know how good he was when he had her "ankles in the air." Really? At 3 in the afternoon this is the kind of music that can come wafting over the air waves?
I think Delores is right. This stuff does penetrate our systems, and our spirits. Is it any wonder children are so violent, promiscuous, and are growing up too fast?
I know for those who know me, they may wonder who is the new Elana that doesn't even listen to V103, but it's the new and improved me; the me who wants to be holy. Am I saying that you can't be holy and listen to V103? Absolutely not. I'm saying, there's a bunch of stuff I CAN'T LISTEN TO AND BE HOLY. I believe in heaven and I want to go there.
This the month to celebrate the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at Easter and I don't want it to just be an occasion of something to celebrate on a Sunday with dyed eggs, a big hat, and a new dress. I don't want my children parading around in patent leather shoes and lace dresses but any other day they hear explicit lyrics and see me living a life contradictory to what they see on Sunday.

In FITNESS and In Health is on Facebook! Be sure to visit and click "Like"  to join a community of people who affirm to live "In FITNESS" and not in sickness.

In FITNESS and In Health is on Facebook! Be sure to visit and click "Like" to join a community of people who affirm to live "In FITNESS" and not in sickness.

Now believe you me, I wasn't always this way. But I'm glad to say that it's where I am now. Now truly, that is an example of the transformation that Jesus can perform in one's life, because for those who knew me, well, let's just say, they can see a living and breathing miracle.
I can't help but wonder if Blue Ivy will be allowed to sing and play her parents' music. It's an interesting concept. Worldly, artistic people always have a crafty answer for this, so only time will tell. I'm hoping, actually praying, we get to see more transformations and miracles.
About Me: I'm a writer, fitness instructor, wife, mother, and worshipper. I love the fact that somehow God has aligned my life so that I am now able to do everything I love to do. As I write this, my twins are singing Disney's "Frozen" anthem "Let It Go" for the 10th time today, and I've heard every rendition because I have been rescued from the rat race of a 9-5 job. I love helping people achieve their health and fitness goals which I myself have celebrated through the Body by Vi Project 10 Challenge, and I even won $1000 for losing 10lbs. For more information on The Challenge, you can visit my website.
And for more information about Delores Balogun and her phenomenal mentoring program to Inspire Girls to Lead Our World, you can visit www.iglowmentoring.org.
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