One exercise I never want to see another woman do again!

One exercise I never want to see another woman do again!
The Madness Must Stop

I have had it! I mean really. Yes, I am a fitness spokesperson, and yes, I teach group fitness classes, and yes, I have a heart and passion for helping people. But just like Jesus got annoyed and irritated by people's lack of faith, I too, get irritated by seeing the most ridiculous asinine exercises done in the gym. But there's this one exercise in particular that really makes me SMH (shake my head) as said in the Facebook world. And it must stop. Ladies, hear me and hear me clearly: you have to GET UP AND EXERCISE TO LOSE WEIGHT. Yes, I mean this literally. YOU HAVE TO GET UP!

Why am I so irritated? What set me off? It is just the utter sense of foolishness I see going on in the gym, where women interrupt my workout where my heart is practically beating out of my chest because I'm trying all kinds of new and crazy stuff to tell me, "Shoot! I need to work out with you!" And I welcome that. I don't teach classes and train people because I don't like it. I do it because I LOVE IT and want to help people, especially women, and mothers who are trying to get fit. As a mom of 6, I know what it's like not to be happy with the skin you're in so I most definitely am glad I inspire people to spark a conversation.

But here's the thing ladies: YOU HAVE TO GET UP AND MOVE! 

Here, look at this picture and you will see what I mean. This is a machine to work your ab-and ad-ductor muscles, or simply put, you inner and outer thighs:

Ladies, get up out of this chair!

Ladies, get up out of this chair!


Now, I ask you, dear IFAIH readers, if a woman is approximately 50 or more pounds overweight, why on earth does she need to be sitting down in a chair exercising, and training her inner and outer thigh muscles for ten or minutes on end, as I see scores of women do. My trainer explains to me that women do this because it's easy and they take the easy way out. And I know he's right. But I am begging you! Pleading with you! Get out of this chair! Yesterday, I even saw a lady standing up and straddling the chair (the wrong way) as if she had developed some innovative, fancy technique!

Do you like IFAIH? Join my IFAIH Fan Page on FB and be sure to LIKE my page. Join the IFAIH community today!

Do you like IFAIH? Join my IFAIH Fan Page on FB and be sure to LIKE my page. Join the IFAIH community today!

Plus, the hip and thigh muscles are a small muscle group of muscles in comparison to glutes and quads, or legs and buttocks, which are the power muscles that help you burn more calories, which basically means, if you want to burn more calories, use your larger muscle groups because this requires more energy. In short: move you a*&!

So yes, you can work out with me! Absolutely! But I will not be joining you on that sex machine, as I have not-so-affectionately named that apparatus. Most gyms have these chairs conveniently facing the seated bicep curl chairs, which is most often used by men, so you can see where this whole thing is going.

If your goal is weight loss, then GET UP AND GET OUT OF THAT CHAIR!



Check out my picture below to see how I dropped four dress sizes, got off all high blood pressure meds, and am in the best shape of my life. And I can help you do it too!


I'm a proud wife and mom of 6 who's living the life of my dreams--in a bikini

I'm a proud wife and mom of 6 who's living the life of my dreams--in a bikini! GO TO MY WEBSITE AND TAKE THE 90-DAY CHALLENGE WITH ME TODAY! WWW.ELANAANTHONY.BODYBYVI.COM



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