10 awesome and inexpensive gift ideas for girls of all ages

As a mom of six daughters whose ages range from pre-kindergartners, to teens, to adults, I think it's safe to say I know a little somethin-somethin about getting gifts for girls of all ages.  As we approach the holiday season with Black Friday hours away, here are some inexpensive gift ideas you can give that your granddaughters and nieces will love that will save you lots of time, energy, and money! This way, you skip the lines for the latest gizmos and the mad dash with mad customers, and enjoy  quality time with your family and loved ones.  And with your savings, you can even splurge for a little somethin-somethin for yourself.

1. Hair accessories. There's nothing more dainty and adorable about little girls than matching head bands, bows, and barrettes.I absolutely love them! These can turn a simple, rushed ponytail into a little bedazzled princess in two seconds. The same is true for teens and young adults. Rhinestone headbands or barrettes gives just the right amount of bling to any hairdo.

2. Bubble bath. Have you ever seen a little girl whose 3 or 4yrs. old receive bubble bath? If you haven't, then you've missed pure joy and gratitude. They LOVE this! Get some with a princess on it, or the kind that you can write, draw, and decorate the tub with during bath time and it's a hit. Plus, it's easy clean up for mom and makes the girls excited about bath time.

3. Lotion sets. You can never have enough lotion for a girl. My personal favorite for younger girls is Baby Magic by Mennen, sorry Johnson and Johnson, although I do love J & J's fragrant oil sets for girls with soothing lavender. Both brands carry these and they make great gifts, and are the perfect complement after bath time. The same is true for older girls. Victoria's Secret, Bed, Bath and Beyond and a variety of other stores carry these perfect little sets in all fragrances and sizes. My girls love these.

4. Bath toys. Now this one is obviously for younger girls, but for your pre-teens and above, they also like to have their girlie shower accessories. Bath and shower loofahs and gloves makes them feel ladylike and loved because now they have their own bath and shower accessories like Mommy, which by the way, helps them to stay out of mommy's things.

**What if you made a basket or gift bag of bath accessories? It's easy, simple, and pretty, and doesn't get lost in their memory. As a matter of fact, just yesterday I saw hooded towels for younger girls that were adorable. They know which family member gave them their special set, and may even come back and thank you at the next family gathering.**

Here's an idea: For an older girl, instead of bath accessories, give her locker accessories. Your girl's locker will be all the rave with her cool and unique locker, given to her by you! Every time someone asks her about it, she will remember your were the cool family member to give her this gift.

5. Fancy socks and patterned tights. Yes, socks and tights! Disney character socks or tights with a funky pattern bring joy as well. And girls of all ages enjoy these. There are socks with days of the week. And there are socks and tights with all kinds of characters and expressions, in a variety of patterns and colors. The same for tights, plus, the older girls can get knee high socks that encourage them to wear skirts, which is always a plus as opposed to some old ratty jeans. Although I do not recommend the thigh high tights for young girls with skirts, even though these are popular, in my opinion, they are too provocative. Knee high socks, on the other hand, can add just the right panache for an older teen. You can have lots of fun with these.

6. Purses.  Give a girl a fabulous purse and you just became their favorite family member.  Doesn't matter the age. A purse is just fun! Little girls love purses with their favorite characters, like my youngest daughter Morgan who absolutely loves Rapunzel and all of her hair. Morgan's twin Madison loves all of the princesses so any variety works for her. Now Emani, my six year old granddaughter, she loves Princess Tiana, so this purse would work for her, and my teens love any kind of purse that has money in it. I'm sure yours do too, at any age!

7. Pajamas, and/or slippers. This is also a great gift for any age. Again, the younger ages love their favorite kid characters on PJs and gowns, while the older girls like flannel PJs like the kinds the college kids wear.My personal preference is to avoid pants that have wording across the backside because I just don't like buying anything that intentionally draws others' attention to my daughter's derriere, but this is a matter of personal preference. If you're shopping for any of my girls, keep that kind.  Otherwise, oversized T's and all other PJ sets are welcome here.

8. Hats, scarves, and glove sets. Do you have any idea how often kids lose these? You can never have enough hats, scarves, and gloves in Chicago. Warmer climates can replace this with an outer vest or jacket, albeit this may not be as inexpensive, but always works well as a gift.

9. Jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. You name it, any combination of these are a hit. And depending on the style of the girls, the flashier the better.  Don't hesitate to get colors and shapes either.

And don't overlook details either. If they are cheerleaders, singers, or athletes, a charm bracelet with all of their favorites shows you care and are interested. Peace signs, rhinestones, butterflies, hearts. All are welcome. Sure, they lose them fast. But for the moment they have them and know where they are, it's a great gift. Hopefully your girls are not like mine and will have your jewelry gift for a lifetime, but in the case of my girls, I give them until Valentine's Day, at best, to know where all there things are, which is why I recommend, cute, but inexpensive.

10. Restaurant or movie gift cards. Now this is one you probably hadn't considered, but do you have any idea how expensive it can be for a family to all go out for dinner or to a movie together? Extremely! Plus, when they have their own restaurant gift card, they can learn to pick items on the menu in their budget, and feel more accomplished and independent, while also adding some relief to mom and dad.

Now that you've saved on time, energy and money, you can relax and spend time with family and friends. Leave the big ticket items for mom and dad.


About me: I'm a wife and mom of six daughters who loves the Lord, loves life, and loves helping others discover that they can experience good life, health, and prosperity. Every week I teach people ways to strengthen and tone their muscles, improve their heart's health, and challenge themselves beyond what they dreamed possible. I do this because I celebrate that our bodies are temples and God's desire is for us to have healthy temples so we can have the stamina to endure, appreciate, and thrive when He releases the weight of His glory. We all want the glory, but are we strong enough to handle the weight of it all, that is the question. I help people prepare and position themselves for prosperity, and I can help you too. Go to my website for information on transforming your temple and I will be in touch! Whether in the US, UK, Canada, or Jamaica, I can help you! God Bless.

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