WWJD on the Preachers of LA? A questionnaire for viewers...

WWJD on the Preachers of LA? A questionnaire for viewers...
It's your turn to answer

After four episodes, I think it's high time the viewers speak out, and now you can in this simple questionnaire:

What would Jesus do on the Preachers of LA?

I decided to put it out to viewers because, I must admit. I have gotten slightly annoyed by the comments that continue to pour in to my blogs about this show. And I'm not annoyed that people are speaking their minds. I welcome that. I'm annoyed by what's in their minds. For this reason, I'm going to give the viewers their chance to speak. We seem to have varying views about what reality TV is.  Now we  go about this from a different perspective and allowing you, the viewers, your chance to speak.

Since I had one commenter post so eloquently in response to my blog that the "Preachers of LA raise more eyebrows than hands of approval", that she thinks "it's great that the preacher slaps his wife's ass on TV," let's get right to my first question:

Preachers have love lives too

Preachers have love lives too



Would Jesus be seen on TV slapping his wife's butt and tongue kissing the Wayne Cheney and Myesha were on the first episode?  

Yes, without a doubt, it is permissible for the man of God to enjoy his wife, slap her butt, and anything else they want to do. But the other, larger question is this: Is it beneficial? Does that behavior represent the kind of Christ-like purity and reverence leaders are to demonstrate ON TELEVISION? You tell me.

In the case of Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta. Would Jesus have some sketchy looking relationship that gives off a hint of sexual immorality? And I know that may be too deep for the masses, so we'll put it this way in question 2.

Would Jesus tell his "lady friend" to tell others who ask about their relationship that "it's none of their business"? You tell me.

Photo is from Preachers Need Love Too article on Oxygen

Photo is from Preachers Need Love Too article on Oxygen

I mean, would Jesus walk into a room and ask his friend and business partner, "What's going on? How's my money?" I mean I have heard a man ask a woman this, but it wasn't in this kind of scenario.

Moving right along. I would go directly to Deitrick but any of his examples are too easy. Maybe I should have put him first. But anyway, let's skate right along here.

Picture this...

Jesus is with his disciples. He's going to travel to a remote area to save a man tormented by demons. What weapons would Jesus take? In the case of Ron Gibson, we see that he takes, for the second time now on the show, his Glock, only in episode four, it's to rescue his drug addicted sister from a dope house who has had this habit for over  twenty years. I need to repeat that just to make sure I heard myself correctly. This man's sister has been on drugs for over twenty years, using crack, heroine, and alcohol daily, and now that cameras are on, and he's on reality TV, they are going to stage a rescue and retrieval for her? This is not one of my major questions, but am I the only one who wondered why now? I'm not going to harp on this. Let me keep going. The basic question is this:

Did we ever see Jesus with a sword, spear, knife, shield, or any kind of physical weapon? Would Jesus take, or need, a glock to minister?glock

I could keep going with this. But we can just ponder these few, because I don't know if I really need to ask if Jesus would shack and need someone to clarify that for him in Scripture. Do we really have to consider if Jesus would need to be paid an honorarium for the brothers who travelled with him? Must we ask if Jesus would ride a skateboard? Okay, relax. I asked that one in jest.

And, in case you need some assistance in understanding why I am equating these men to Jesus, I found a great article that explains what a pastor, or a preacher is, which is one who feeds, leads, corrects, comforts, provides, and guides the sheep in the ways of godliness. Which brings us to the million dollar question:

Do the Preachers of LA guide us to righteous living? To a love for Christ? Do they build up the kingdom of God, and lead lost souls to Christ? And if not, then what is the premise of this show?

This is the most important question of them all, because in case you may not know it, they are responsible for souls. That's the REALITY of pastoring and preaching.

And just as an aside: I really don't think it's bad that pastors receive honorariums for their ministry. Pastoring in the kingdom is a job. Of course, if they don't go to minister based on money, that's an entirely different issue. The question about Bishop McClendon's encounter with Deitrick is that neither of them demonstrated humility. I mean, you tell me.


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