Reality TV: Is it all scripted crap and nonsense?

Reality TV: Is it all scripted crap and nonsense?
Are reality TV programs all crap and nonsense?

As someone with zero interest in reality programs, I was elated when I saw that "Preachers of LA" was airing. I thought, for once, there will be something positive and inspiring that literally shows the heart and soul of life outside of the pulpit of anointed, powerful men of God. And what better men to show us? Bishop Noel Jones,  Bishop Clarence McClendon, and Pastor Deitrick Haddon happen to be three of my favorite clergymen. Finally, unscripted reality TV without crap and nonsense!

Because of reviews of "Real Housewives..." of anywhere, I have never watched any of those programs. As a matter of fact, I have only seen snippets of the housewives while visiting my in-laws, at which time, I have forced myself to fall asleep to drone them out of my consciousness.

Please don't get me wrong: I don't mean to sound as if I'm so holy or so bourgeois or so smart or so anything. I just do not care for that kind of frivolity and nonsense.

As a mother of six daughters, it means a lot to me to try to represent something promising and enduring in a world that seems to celebrate ephemeral debauchery. Add to that the fact that none of my daughters was conceived as a gift of the Holy Spirit, so as Gladys Knight would say, "I've had my share of life's ups and downs." I'm just not in a place emotionally or spiritually to add other people's drama to my plate. I've had my own fill, thank you very much.

Which is how it came to be that I was happy about "The Preachers of LA."

You see, I have Crohn's disease, which means, at any given moment I can have a flare up of massive proportion abdominally, which can land me in the hospital for days on end. The last time this happened was in 2011 and I was forced to go with no food and water, not even so much as an ice chip, for 8 days. Now if you've never been in this kind of predicament, you may not be aware how much of television is centered around food. But when you are in this situation, you see that almost every commercial and television program has someone eating, talking about eating, having just eaten, on their way to eat, or advertising something to eat. Believe me, I know.

But do you know where there isn't any eating or commercials?

I do.

On Christian television stations.

And boy did I thank God for that, in more ways than one.

Well, during this particular hospital stint, God met me in my room. In between the morphine and burning potassium, God penetrated the pain and loneliness I felt and assured me I was not alone, that He was a healer, and an ever-present help in time of need. Sure, I could have watched any number of programs to pass the time, and yet, instead, God chose to feed and sustain me with inspiring orators on His word.

And that's where I got introduced to all the anointed televangelists. And I loved them. And I sowed into their trusted ministries. And I thanked God for them.

Even to this day, the fire God ignited in me those two years ago has not waned. If anything, each day it burns brighter and consumes me all the more, compelling me to do and be a better person. This, not for men's approval, but because God's love is just that good. I tasted and I saw. And I have not been the same since, glory to God!

Now can you see why I was so excited about the "Preachers of LA"? Imagine my delight that there would be a program that somebody like me can enjoy who watches very little secular programs.  And then to think, the world would finally see what is so captivating and convicting about being a Christian. The world will see why we value fruits of the spirit versus acts of the flesh. The world will see why we are a different, peculiar people. The world will see the work these men do to seek and save and lost.

And in two episodes of the Preachers, we have seen. And it ain't been no pretty picture.

Like all the other reality TV programs, it appears that this show appeals to the base instincts of what they think people want to see, which does not appear to be to minister or motivate others to godliness. I think they signed on to present their grandiose lifestyles, which only causes further harm to the kingdom by making people think that ALL preachers want is their money.

And that's what sad about this particular program because this show presented an opportunity to really reach the lost. There could be someone sick and shut-in out in the world who was just like me that this program could have touched. And they could have learned that there is a spiritual solution to every problem and they could have seen the Word of God be living and actively used to solve conflicts or issues of any sort.

Am I judging these men? Absolutely not. I know that with the same measure used is how it will be measured for me, and I am the first to ask others to please be patient with me. God is not through with me yet.

But do we really have to hide behind the "touch not thy anointed" every time a believer has a comment about what we observe in church? Why does discernment vanish when it comes to understanding that someone on a pew can be just as anointed as someone in a robe, or suit and tie in the pulpit?

The thing of it is this: no one is touching anybody's anointed gift. At least I'm not.

All I am is a woman who went to a well thirsty one day and met a man told me everything about my life and changed me.

And while on this road awaiting Him to return as promised, I guess I naively expected that the other men who've been in His presence would demonstrate the same kind of reverence, and all the more so on television for the world to see. Is that too unrealistic for reality TV?

Is reality TV just really all scripted crap and nonsense?

What do  you think?

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As a mom of six whose had major abdominal surgery, if I can take The Challenge and wear a bikini for the first time in my life, anybody can!

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