Preachers of LA raise more eyebrows than hands of approval

Preachers of LA raise more eyebrows than hands of approval
What WERE they thinking with this show?

Well, the Preachers of LA have touched a nerve across the saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost folk of America, and consequently, have raised more eyebrows than holy hands to the Lord in approval. What on earth were these men thinking?

In 5 Reasons Preachers of LA shame the church, I point out that these anointed men of God show greed and pride, much to my dismay. I am someone who faithfully watches spiritual television programming and became a fan of Bishop Clarence McClendon's by seeing him preach down heaven on TBN's Praise the Lord. I loved him so much that when I saw this reality program of him, along with five other powerful men of God to be televised, I was excited. I expected to see how they prepare to minister to thousands. I expected to see what they eat for breakfast. I expected to see if they workout. Or what they read. Or what they do for fun with their families. What do their closets look like? How do they match their suits and ties? Or any other number of positive, uplifting aspects, or even trivial parts of their lives could they have shown. But never, and I do mean never, did I expect to see the men of God in a "man cave" about to argue like some thugs in the hood. I mean really. Did you?

Commenters of the blog point out that we shouldn't judge them, and who's doing that? I'm not saying, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's a shame what those men are doing," and then making a statement about them good or bad as if to say they're going to hell. They don't have to give an account to me or vice versa, so that's not even the issue. I'm making a judgment about the show itself. The show does not do anything to inspire the lost to turn to the Lord or believe that preachers don't use the offerings of the poor to build themselves up. Why? Because we haven't seen anything to show us otherwise!

Now for those of us who know the good deeds of Bishop Noel Jones and the other men, we don't question their preaching ability, credibility, or blessings God has given them. That's not my business nor my position. But we can keep it real and admit that this show has failed to enlighten us with behind the scenes actions of men of God.

I guess we'll just have to see what episode 3 brings. So far, here's what we have seen:

1. A person have a sex change at Pastor Jay Haizlip's church, and him not knowing how to respond. Really? He didn't know how to respond to this in today's world. Okay.........

2. Groping, booty slapping, kissing, and the fact that it was about to go down with Wayne Chaney and his wife, until the kids busted that up. Now that was reality TV.

3. Deitrick Haddon in a tizzy about his concert, his problems with wanting to be with his Baby Mama Monique and can't, and his anger management issues.

4. Jay Haizlip sitting by his skate board.

5. Bishop Ron Gibson goes to the hood to speak with some thugs toting a glock and then strong-arms Deitrick's concert that he was having a tizzy about to call up Mad Dog and Red Bone, or whatever their names were, for an altar call, which wasn't an altar call, at Deitrick's concert that he was having a tizzy about.

6. Jay Haizlip on his skate board.

7. Bishop McClendon show up with his entourage at the man cave meeting, and then get mad in the man cave, and then go on youtube and say he wasn't mad in the man cave, and then go to Bishop Noel Jones' house to say he wasn't mad in the man cave, although we all saw on the program that he was mad, and did have an entourage with him. Oh, and by the way, if you can't afford them, they ain't showing up at yo' church. He's still trying to clean that one up.

8. Jay Haizlip's sex change member April/David riding her, hmmm, wait, his skate board.

9. Jones' not girlfriend and he discuss business and then look all goo-goo-eyed at one another as if they are an item, but then say they aren't an item, with much ado about their so-called nothing of a relationship. (Where IS Grace by the way?)

10. Ron Gibson yells at Deitrick in their pre-marital counseling dinner, "Are y'all shacking?!?!?!" and shows all the nizzles that he uses his mizzles to get new hizzles for his wife's clizzles, fo shizzle!!!!!

11. And I think Jay rode his skateboard a few more times.

And that's it, basically.

I mean, there were also the letters McClendon's wife got about the women alleging to be his wife. He responds something like, "Is it the same woman or a new woman?" I mean it was very nonchalant and he really didn't seem concerned. And then there's Monique's mother getting on Deitrick. And Oh Lord, how could I forget all the comments about "THE LA traffic"? And now, I think, that's it.

The previews show us that the first ladies are going to get at it next week. So, I take it we won't be needing our bibles again.

Please comment below and YOU tell me what I missed.

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As a mom of 6 whose had major abdominal surgery twice, if I can take The Challenge and get in the best shape of my life and wear a bikini for the first time ever, anybody can!

As a mom of 6 whose had major abdominal surgery twice, if I can take The Challenge and get in the best shape of my life and wear a bikini for the first time ever, anybody can!


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