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How to De-Stress and Enjoy Life More (or Enjoy More Life!)

I started to read an article about a start-up tech company this morning, because I like to be informed. But it didn’t take more than a couple of sentences and I was totally lost and had no idea what the company was supposed to do or how it was supposed to do it. And then... Read more »

7 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Hot Doug's

Last Friday was the last day for Hot Doug’s, a hot dog restaurant in Chicago. For those of you who  have been in a blue fog for the last few days or don’t reside in the Chicago area, Doug Sohn closed the hot dog restaurant that he started about 13 years ago on October 3.... Read more »

Set Goals Like Diana Nyad

Last week, Diana Nyad completed an amazing swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida.  You had to be living in a space ship cut off from all contact with Mother Earth to have not heard about it. Eric Zorn, a columnist I have long enjoyed in the Chicago Tribune, commented on how the naysayers were... Read more »

Mom-Talent - Story of An Encore Entrepreneur

My sister, Barb Stengard, is my favorite encore entrepreneur. So I’m going to tell you her story in the hopes that it inspires you like it did me. It’s not a short story, but I think it’s probably pretty typical of the path most such businesses take when they start out. You have an idea and... Read more »

New Beginnings: It Takes Time To Discover Your Passion

I ran into a former small town retailer like myself the other day.  We had always enjoyed sharing our stories, our ups and downs, and the joys and trials of retailing.  Marty and her husband, Dave,  have recently retired.  Their business was still very viable but health concerns and burn-out had taken their toil and... Read more »

Spiritual Journeys - Responding to the Call

Since it’s Easter week and a time for spiritual reflection and comtemplation, I have been thinking about a couple of people I know who made life changing decisions that they had considered for many years. The person I know best is a parent from my kid’s school days.  We lived in a small town and... Read more »

Lifestyle Choices - Your Own Story

About 30 years ago, my husband and I moved to the country.  The area was quite rural at the time (and still is), about 5 miles from a quaint little town. It was really just an acre lot with some tall oaks, and a low spot we called a pond, in a neighborhood of other acre lots... Read more »

Encore Entrepreneurs-Start a New Business and Have Fun

The term “encore entrepreneurs” is quite the catch-word these days.  It refers to the large numbers of “older than 50” folks who are starting new businesses and succeeding quite well.  It’s all part of the reinvention going on of older Americans who, because of longer lives and longer retirements, are searching for the next chapter... Read more »

Finding Your Passion After 50: Look to your Childhood

When you reach the age that you have the time or resources to do just what you want to, how do you find your passion, that thing that really involves your heart and soul?  How do you find the activity that just makes your heart sing?  The one that makes you wake up in the morning with... Read more »

Learning After 50 - New Tricks, New Challenges

This old dog is learning some new tricks!  After listening in on an SEO/Social Media presentation the other night, I am all excited about trying some new things.  I actually know what SEO (search engine optimization) means!  And sort of, how to use it and make it work for me.  This is a great new challenge!... Read more »