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7 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Hot Doug's

Last Friday was the last day for Hot Doug’s, a hot dog restaurant in Chicago. For those of you who  have been in a blue fog for the last few days or don’t reside in the Chicago area, Doug Sohn closed the hot dog restaurant that he started about 13 years ago on October 3.... Read more »

Mom-Talent - Story of An Encore Entrepreneur

My sister, Barb Stengard, is my favorite encore entrepreneur. So I’m going to tell you her story in the hopes that it inspires you like it did me. It’s not a short story, but I think it’s probably pretty typical of the path most such businesses take when they start out. You have an idea and... Read more »

Encore Entrepreneurs Just Don't Quit

Most “encore entrepreneurs”, those folks who have retired once and can’t seem to stay retired, start new ventures for one of three reasons.  They a) need the money, b) have an idea they have wanted to try for a long time, or c) want to share a new or life-long passion with like-minded individuals.  They start... Read more »

The Exhaustion of the Encore Entrepreneur

I’ve been trying to write about my Encore Entrepreneur sister for a couple of months now.  She started a business recruiting part time accounting professionals for businesses who don’t need full-timers but want true professionals to work a few days a week or a month.  Her niche is that many of her clients are moms... Read more »

Encore Entrepreneurs-Start a New Business and Have Fun

The term “encore entrepreneurs” is quite the catch-word these days.  It refers to the large numbers of “older than 50″ folks who are starting new businesses and succeeding quite well.  It’s all part of the reinvention going on of older Americans who, because of longer lives and longer retirements, are searching for the next chapter... Read more »