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Go Now! Advice From a Three Year Old

My grandson just turned 3. Oh what joy to be three again! I could repeatedly run around in circles; from the kitchen, the dining area, through the living room, down the hall and back to the kitchen, and then jump into the arms of a happy grandparent when I was done. Then, laughing, sweating, throwing... Read more »

"A Fine Balance" Undoes Me

ChicagoNow is having their fifth Blogapalooza tonight. Bloggers are invited to spend one hour writing and posting a blog on a topic chosen by the community managers of the blog. The topic tonight is to write about a character or a scene in a book or movie that affected you in some way. What a perfect... Read more »

Carefully Crafted Essays.....or Not!

I’m a new blogger and when I started this several months ago, I thought I’d be writing carefully crafted essays with poignant observations of the world and the people who live in it.  Wow.  How pretentious of me! Everything I have written is from the heart and I tried to choose topics carefully.  But I... Read more »

Finding Your Passion After 50: Look to your Childhood

When you reach the age that you have the time or resources to do just what you want to, how do you find your passion, that thing that really involves your heart and soul?  How do you find the activity that just makes your heart sing?  The one that makes you wake up in the morning with... Read more »

Responding to Negative Comments

I got hit by a Negative Nellie this week!  I was telling some friends about my new blog and some freelance work I was doing.  I’m pretty pumped about both things and just wanted to share my new beginnings with people that I thought might care.  I was right that most of the people were happy for me... Read more »

Reinventing That Youthful Vibe For A New Beginning

Last night my husband and I visited our old college for an alumni night of sorts. It involved a track meet and while I didn’t figure it out at first, most and maybe all of the participants, were alumni.  However, they mostly looked like college kids to me. I later realized that they had to be at least... Read more »

Everybody Has a Story: New Purpose, New Beginnings

If there’s one thing I have come to know and appreciate, it’s that everyone DOES have a story.  Some of our stories are fairly ordinary and a few are completely extraordinary.  But even ordinary folks have a story of how they came to be who they are and who they have been.  Some stories are... Read more »