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First Apartment is the Memorable Home Sweet Home

  “Write about a favorite or memorable place you have lived for any time at all, whether a country, state, city, childhood home, fraternity/sorority, hostel, hotel or even bedroom.”  - Blogapalooza Topic 4-30-14 What a great blog topic!  The place that immediately came to mind was my first apartment after I graduated from college. It... Read more »

What Grandchildren Teach Us

I didn’t understand. Not really. My friend, Mary, said it best several years ago. “I don’t see what the big deal is all about. People just go on and on about their grandchildren and it’s not that big of a deal!!” Well, that was before she had any grandchildren and before I did. Now she... Read more »

What's Your Keyword?

Back in the Age of Aquarius, a common question was “What’s your sign?” Of course, that meant your horoscope sign or the constellation that ruled the skies at the time you were born. I haven’t heard that question in years. But I thought of a question that might have way more meaning today than where the stars... Read more »

Life Over 50-Not Always So Easy

My posts on this blog have been concentrating on the joys and concerns of navigating life over 50.  I have been thinking about all the ways older people find new meaning and new purpose in their later years.  Most of the people I know have been fortunate enough to be relatively well off and have Social... Read more »

New Beginnings: It Takes Time To Discover Your Passion

I ran into a former small town retailer like myself the other day.  We had always enjoyed sharing our stories, our ups and downs, and the joys and trials of retailing.  Marty and her husband, Dave,  have recently retired.  Their business was still very viable but health concerns and burn-out had taken their toil and... Read more »

Spiritual Journeys - Responding to the Call

Since it’s Easter week and a time for spiritual reflection and comtemplation, I have been thinking about a couple of people I know who made life changing decisions that they had considered for many years. The person I know best is a parent from my kid’s school days.  We lived in a small town and... Read more »

Cousins Reconnect - The Joy of Family

Friday was a splendid day for me.  I spent the day visiting with my cousin Phyllis, something I hadn’t done much of in the last, oh, 40 years or so. At one time, our families were very close.  My dad had only one brother and my mother is an only child.  So the five cousins I... Read more »

Lifestyle Choices - Your Own Story

About 30 years ago, my husband and I moved to the country.  The area was quite rural at the time (and still is), about 5 miles from a quaint little town. It was really just an acre lot with some tall oaks, and a low spot we called a pond, in a neighborhood of other acre lots... Read more »

New Beginnings - Age is Irrelevant

My blog posts are mainly about the over 50 crowd discovering new goals, new passions, new ideas with their new found time and energy.  But I got an email from my niece the other day with some exciting news.  She and her husband are starting to train to be missionaries somewhere in the US or... Read more »

Learning After 50 - New Tricks, New Challenges

This old dog is learning some new tricks!  After listening in on an SEO/Social Media presentation the other night, I am all excited about trying some new things.  I actually know what SEO (search engine optimization) means!  And sort of, how to use it and make it work for me.  This is a great new challenge!... Read more »
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    Ann Louise is a newbie blogger searching for her new purpose or passion in life. She has a degree in English and has had a lifelong love of reading. She is married, has raised two children, and is enjoying her first grandchild. Ann and her husband enjoyed owning and operating their retail furniture store for 20 years and now are ready for new challenges and opportunities. She loves traveling, visiting family and friends, and enjoys hearing the stories that we all have to tell.

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