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Observations From A Road Trip Across the Country

Recently, Tim and I made a good old-fashioned road trip from Chicago to Phoenix. Our daughter was expecting a baby any day, we had lots of “stuff” to haul to her, and since we didn’t know exactly when the baby would arrive, it made more sense to drive than to fly. We were gone about... Read more »

Forever Friends: Some of The Best Companions For Life's Journey

It was a very good week! We had four separate visits with Forever Friends! We had dinner with our furniture friends on Sunday. Tuesday, it was lunch with my best friend from high school and her husband, visiting from Florida. Thursday was a visit from my college roommate from Wisconsin, and Saturday was a college... Read more »

6 New Things I Learned in 2014

I like to think that I am NOT an old dog, and that I am still capable of learning new tricks. Learning new things about the world is one of the ways that  people stay young or young at heart. So I thought about some new things I learned this year. Nothing real earth-shattering, but... Read more »

A Lesson From Paramount Theatre's Mary Poppins

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I attended a matinee of Mary Poppins at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, with my daughter, her two step-daughters, her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law. It was a fun “Girls Afternoon Out”. While everyone thoroughly enjoyed the excellent performance, I was surprised to discover that I was seeing Mary Poppins in a... Read more »

Would You Rather Buy From Henry Winkler or From the Fonz?

I saw it again today. I’m referring to Henry Winkler’s commercial shilling for reverse mortgages. Or should I say an old “Fonz” shilling for mortgages? Does it creep anybody else out like it does me? It’s just the whole  idea of an old guy with a bad haircut, talking real slow so the old folks don’t... Read more »

Best Friends Forever

Life is very complicated these days. Everybody knows that. Between jobs, kids activities, family obligations, and so much more, most of us barely get the simple things accomplished each day. We remember to eat when our stomach growls and the laundry needs to be done because we run out of underwear, but a lot of... Read more »

Final Battle for One of the Greatest Generation

I recently returned from visiting my mother and stepfather in Florida. My stepfather, Carl, had a stroke about a year ago, and has been in the nursing home ever since. And while his body is not functioning as he would like, and he has trouble completing his thoughts verbally,  his mind is not impaired. It... Read more »

People Watching at the Rummage Sale

It’s that time of year again! No, not the gorgeous fall colors, the leaves floating gently in the fresh breeze, the crisp air. No, it’s time again for the Fall Rummage Sale at my church! Ugh. I really don’t like getting ready for this giant sale, but this time I have a new way to... Read more »

The Emmys Just Don't Matter

I must really be showing my age. The Emmys were on TV Sunday night. I never watch awards shows. They are boring. So the next morning in the Chicago Tribune, I perused the list of winners. The Trib listed the winners in 25 categories. There was only one winning show that I willingly have watched more than... Read more »

Set Goals Like Diana Nyad

Last week, Diana Nyad completed an amazing swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida.  You had to be living in a space ship cut off from all contact with Mother Earth to have not heard about it. Eric Zorn, a columnist I have long enjoyed in the Chicago Tribune, commented on how the naysayers were... Read more »