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Encore Entrepreneurs Just Don't Quit

Most “encore entrepreneurs”, those folks who have retired once and can’t seem to stay retired, start new ventures for one of three reasons.  They a) need the money, b) have an idea they have wanted to try for a long time, or c) want to share a new or life-long passion with like-minded individuals.  They start... Read more »

Retirement Busy-ness

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and today I am wondering, as I have in the past, how I managed to fit it all in when I was holding down a full time job.  There are a lot of personal business type things to attend to, spending time with my grandson and his mom and... Read more »

New Beginnings: It Takes Time To Discover Your Passion

I ran into a former small town retailer like myself the other day.  We had always enjoyed sharing our stories, our ups and downs, and the joys and trials of retailing.  Marty and her husband, Dave,  have recently retired.  Their business was still very viable but health concerns and burn-out had taken their toil and... Read more »

Spiritual Journeys - Responding to the Call

Since it’s Easter week and a time for spiritual reflection and comtemplation, I have been thinking about a couple of people I know who made life changing decisions that they had considered for many years. The person I know best is a parent from my kid’s school days.  We lived in a small town and... Read more »

Bonus Time - Hiking the Trails

Several years ago when I was first considering what to do with my bonus time after retirement, a friend told me about a book that had helped her with her own choices.  It was My Time by Abigail Trafford.  I’ve been rereading it and still find lots of inspiration and ideas for reflection. One of Ms.... Read more »

New Beginnings - Age is Irrelevant

My blog posts are mainly about the over 50 crowd discovering new goals, new passions, new ideas with their new found time and energy.  But I got an email from my niece the other day with some exciting news.  She and her husband are starting to train to be missionaries somewhere in the US or... Read more »

Finding Your Passion After 50: Look to your Childhood

When you reach the age that you have the time or resources to do just what you want to, how do you find your passion, that thing that really involves your heart and soul?  How do you find the activity that just makes your heart sing?  The one that makes you wake up in the morning with... Read more »

Learning After 50 - New Tricks, New Challenges

This old dog is learning some new tricks!  After listening in on an SEO/Social Media presentation the other night, I am all excited about trying some new things.  I actually know what SEO (search engine optimization) means!  And sort of, how to use it and make it work for me.  This is a great new challenge!... Read more »

Finding Your Passion

Since I “retired” several years ago, I have been searching for what to do next in my life.  After I cleaned the whole house, read lots of books, traveled around the country, lounged at the lake, and saw what some of my friends were accomplishing in their “retirements”,  I have been consumed by a gnawing... Read more »