The Emmys Just Don't Matter

I must really be showing my age. The Emmys were on TV Sunday night. I never watch awards shows. They are boring. So the next morning in the Chicago Tribune, I perused the list of winners. The Trib listed the winners in 25 categories. There was only one winning show that I willingly have watched more than once and that was "Saturday Night Live". I had heard of some of them,("Breaking Bad", "30 Rock"), watched a couple of them once or twice ("Modern Family", "The Voice"), but had no knowledge of the rest. And absolutely no problem with that!

Paul Newman

My days of falling in love with performers kind of peaked with the Beatles and the Monkees. Paul Newman was, and remains, the hottest movie star ever. Come on, ladies, just watch "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "Exodus", or "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". No matter what your age, you have to agree with me that Paul Newman, in his youth and even later, was one of the most charismatic guys to ever grace the big screen. His smoldering personality and, in some movies, his sense of humor were a combination that never lost it appeal. Even after he made salad dressing, he was still hot.

But Paul is gone and I just can't be bothered with this kind of obsessive attention to award shows and "celebrities" in the guise of entertainment. What the ladies wore is unimportant. What frivolous comments were made are unimportant. None of it matters to anyone other than the people on the show. I'd rather read a good book, talk with friends, spend the day hiking in the woods, or play with my grandson. In the grand scheme of life, those activities will nourish my soul and bring me tranquility and peace. Sorry Emmy, you just don't do it for me!


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