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I Have a Sunset Obsession

We live in a house with big trees in the yard. Our neighbor to the west also has big trees in their yard. So we can never see a sunset from our house. We never know if storms are coming, since they usually come from the west, so we’re only prepared if we hear a... Read more »

What Grandchildren Teach Us

I didn’t understand. Not really. My friend, Mary, said it best several years ago. “I don’t see what the big deal is all about. People just go on and on about their grandchildren and it’s not that big of a deal!!” Well, that was before she had any grandchildren and before I did. Now she... Read more »

Technology Required When You Start A Business Today

Tim and I are in the middle of starting a business. This is the second business we’ve started over the years. The last one was a furniture store over 25 years ago. We purchased the business from a gent in town and spent 20 years building it and raising our family at the same time. ... Read more »

Mom-Talent - Story of An Encore Entrepreneur

My sister, Barb Stengard, is my favorite encore entrepreneur. So I’m going to tell you her story in the hopes that it inspires you like it did me. It’s not a short story, but I think it’s probably pretty typical of the path most such businesses take when they start out. You have an idea and... Read more »