The Circle of Life Before My Eyes

My husband and I have our first grandchild.  For those of you with grandchildren, that simple sentence says soooo much that words cannot convey.  The pride, the love, the overwhelming sense of being truly blessed by this little child who has no idea of the joy he gives so many people.

Cody is about 9-1/2 months old now and he moves constantly.  If he's awake, he moves.  He crawls faster than his parents can walk sometimes, but when that's not fast enough for him, he hunts for one of his "baby walkers", stands himself up, and with the walker for balance, he goes wherever he can.   He goes around the circle in their house. Kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway and repeat. He often runs into things, sometimes plopping down on his bottom.  Sometimes he gets back up and goes again, sometimes crawling seems faster and he forgets the walker.

But lately when he bumps into something, he's been taking a couple of steps back, yanking the walker in another direction and heading off that way.  Sometimes he has to yank several times to get the walker headed in an open direction.  But he just keeps walking.  It's like he has observed all the rest of us and sees how we move around, and he is determined to do the same thing.  After an hour or two of this constant movement, he slows down a little, and starts to get cranky.  He is clearly exhausted and ready for a nap.

I once heard of a pro football player who decided to do everything his two-year-old son did.  He copied every movement his son made, walking, rolling, playing, climbing, everything.  After a couple of hours, the big strong football player was exhausted.  But his son just kept plugging along.  I tried this myself a time or two when my kids were small and agree that it is difficult to keep up with a two-year-old.

I watched Cody the other day and thought about how determined he is to master walking.  Then I though about my stepfather, who has suffered a stroke, and about how hard he is working to walk again.  Both Cody and great-grandpa have walkers; both try to walk until they are exhausted.  And then they take a nap.  It's the circle of life, the alpha and the omega, and it's right before our eyes every day.  We end up where we started, hopefully with a lot of good years, and a lot of good naps,  in between.

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