Body Armor for Kids: Has It Come To This?

Last Thursday, in the Business Section of the Chicago Tribune, there was an article about a company in Colombia that makes body armor.  Miguel Caballero's company makes bulletproof clothing for adults, such as jackets, coats and vests.  But it seems he has found a new market selling body armor for kids.  He calls it MC Kids.  He makes backpacks, jackets, t-shirts and puffer vests.  There hasn't been  much demand in Colombia for kid's bulletproof apparel, (there are not as many guns in Colombia, believe it or not), but he thinks there is an untapped market in the US in light of recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary and other places.

These are cute little items in bright catchy colors with butterflies, rainbows and other kid-friendly emblems.  Here's the link to take a look.

How sad is this!?!  Has it really come to the point that we have to buy body armor for our kids??  Are we going to send our kindergartners off to school with armored t-shirts or backpacks?  Of course it's not cheap at $1,040 for a puffer vest that weighs 4 pounds and has a medium safety level.  That means it can repel a .357 Magnum jacketed soft point, whatever that is.  I'm not familiar with guns, but it sounds like nasty business.

And how would you explain this to your 5-year-old?  Here, sweetie, because I love you and think there might be crazy people out there who are gunning for you, I bought you this cute little bulletproof t-shirt.  You have to wear it every day.  I know it's heavy, but if the bullet hits you in just the right place, you'll be safe.

Physically anyway, but who knows what we'd be creating mentally with kids who needed to grow up wearing body armor.

I really don't think I want to live like that.  I'd be a fool to think it couldn't happen to me or to someone I love, but I just don't think I could live well by thinking about it all the time.

But if you don't feel that you could live without protecting your kids like that, go ahead and buy your kids or grandkids some body armor.  It would make a great birthday gift, don't you think?  Nothing says love from Grandma like a 3 pound bulletproof backpack.

Would you do this??  Let me know what you think.



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