Carefully Crafted Essays.....or Not!

I'm a new blogger and when I started this several months ago, I thought I'd be writing carefully crafted essays with poignant observations of the world and the people who live in it.  Wow.  How pretentious of me!

Everything I have written is from the heart and I tried to choose topics carefully.  But I didn't expect to experience writer's block so soon!  I keep thinking I can only write about serious subjects and make penetrating analyses of life. Well, some days that is exactly what I am able to do.  But not this week.  So I am writing about what's floating around in my head today.

My niece has started a great blog about buying and training a wild mustang from Wyoming.  The Horse Mutterer is the story of Smokey, the Mustang and Kristy, the Girl and how they find lasting happiness together.....we hope.  I'm not much of a horse person, but this is really interesting.  Lots of pictures and explanations for the non-horsey among us (myself included) who would have no idea what she is trying to explain.  I look forward to her daily updates.  Even though I am many miles away, I feel as if I can enjoy this journey with Kristy.  This is the time when all the wonders of the internet, blogging, and videos seem worthwhile.

So maybe that's my topic today.   Generally, I think there is just too much "stuff" out there on the web.  To me, most of it isn't worth the time to pull it up and look at it.  I really don't understand cruising YouTube just for fun.  Because I didn't grow up in the computer age, I pick and choose my computer pursuits a little more judiciously than younger folks.  My fun is more likely to be found in a good book, spending "in the flesh" time with good friends, or chatting with my kids on the phone (not just texting).

That being said, I enjoy learning how to do all kinds of things with  the computer, learning WordPress, for instance, and how to store and share all my photos online. I love being able to stay in closer touch with loved ones all over the country. I can share photos of new babies almost as soon as they are born and watch little great-nieces and nephews grow up in spite of the distance. Any little piece of information I may want I can find with a Google search.

That's the beauty of the web.  You can use  it however you want. Or not use it if that's how you feel. What I find to be junk on the web, someone else finds to be fascinating.  The internet certainly has something for everyone.  And no one is forcing me to cruise YouTube.  Thank goodness!

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