Spiritual Journeys - Responding to the Call

Since it's Easter week and a time for spiritual reflection and comtemplation, I have been thinking about a couple of people I know who made life changing decisions that they had considered for many years.

The person I know best is a parent from my kid's school days.  We lived in a small town and you just knew everyone, especially people who had kids the same age.  Sara was a mom first, part-time worker second and after a divorce, she became a flight attendant.  She later reconnected with an old friend, moved to California and married him.  I recently heard that she is attending divinity school to become a hospital chaplain.  I would never have imagined that transition in a million years.  But she has been silently considering this "call" for most of her adult years.  Her new husband gave her the support and encouragement she needed to respond to her innermost urgings and begin the coursework she needs.

The second person, Rob, was an engineer and worked in business and industry for many years.  He, too, felt a call to ministry, eventually enrolling in divinity school and is just beginning his new life as a pastoral minister in a mainline denomination.

The excitement these two people feel is so inspiring to see in them.  It's the same excitement we all feel when we finally find that passion in life that we have been searching for, but it has the added dimension of a deep spiritual commitment.  I'm not sure that someone without a spiritual or religious life can appreciate that extra dimension. But anyone who finally realizes such a basic need that has been calling them for years, is truly blessed.

I'm still searching for my after 50 passion in life, but I don't think it will be as single minded as Sara's and Rob's new beginnings.  I have always enjoyed so many different things, that just doing one thing seems boring.  But I crave the joy people find in their new passions and the excitement of the journey.  So I keep searching, keep trying new things, keep journeying.  Maybe I'm discovering that my passion is the search and not necessarily the destination.

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