New Beginnings - Age is Irrelevant

My blog posts are mainly about the over 50 crowd discovering new goals, new passions, new ideas with their new found time and energy.  But I got an email from my niece the other day with some exciting news.  She and her husband are starting to train to be missionaries somewhere in the US or possibly overseas.

They are a thirty-something couple with no children.   When their rental house was sold and they faced moving out, another door opened and they were invited to attend a special couples missionary training school.  So they put their furniture in storage, moved in with some friends until the training starts, and prepared for a new life.  After their training is complete, they will discover where they are assigned.

The amazing part is how one door opens as another door closes.  Their long time home was being sold and they would have to move.  They were searching for something more meaningful in their lives and the two events coincided.  I have seen this happen to people many times.  The trick is to be brave enough to embrace the change, take a chance, and do something you have always imagined doing.  It doesn't matter how old you are.  When the opportunities come, you have to make the most of them.  Sometimes it takes awhile for the chance at a new life to seem like a good idea.  It can seem like a terrible idea, a scary idea, a completely ridiculous idea at first.  Then when you consider it further and conquer your fears, you discover it might just be the right time to take a chance.

I don't know how you set yourself up to be ready for what life can throw at you.  I think you just develop a mindset that you can handle whatever happens and that it will work out for the best in the long run.  I truly believe the people who are best at this kind of thing, have a strong spiritual side to their life.  They trust that the future will make it's own path and that they already have the inner fortitude and spiritual peace to deal with the changes.  And that's not a bad thing to have at any stage of your life.


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