Finding Your Passion After 50: Look to your Childhood

When you reach the age that you have the time or resources to do just what you want to, how do you find your passion, that thing that really involves your heart and soul?  How do you find the activity that just makes your heart sing?  The one that makes you wake up in the morning with one thought in mind---spending the day doing what you love most?

For many of us, it's very hard to discover that passion that consumes our days and gives us pleasure and fulfillment.  Some career counselors suggest we look to our childhood to rediscover the things that we most enjoyed then.  What did we imagine we would become when we grew up?  What did we daydream about?  What did we like to do?

I have a friend named Sue who did just that.  When Sue retired from the post office, she knew she was ready to quit working so hard, but not what would come next.  A postal career is not the easy thing we may assume it is.  Sorting and delivering mail is hard work.  The repetitive motions involved can lead to aches, pains, and disabilities.  In Sue's case, she took some time off and then thought about what she'd like to do next.

Sue always loved horses.  She says "I remember being about six years old and visiting a farm.  I was so disappointed that they didn't have any horses.  I always wanted to see the horses."  So she found Golden Gait Stables in Marengo.  She took a few riding lessons, and then a few more, and pretty soon she was looking into owning a horse and how she could afford to do it.

Sue now spends 3-4 days a week at the stable, caring for her horse, Ginger, and always learning more about training and riding horses.  She is also taking classes in Equine Science to further her skills and knowledge.  While Ginger is sometimes spirited and willful, Sue is learning how to show Ginger who's the boss.  Every day is challenging, fulfilling and joyous.

Sue does lots of other things in her spare time.  She has become certified in kitchen management by the county and can cook and serve meals in her church.  She spends time with her grandchildren and friends, and is probably busier than ever.  Certainly, she is much more fulfilled than working at the post office.

What childhood dream could grow into your passion?  Think about it and tell me your story.

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