Finding Your Passion

Since I "retired" several years ago, I have been searching for what to do next in my life.  After I cleaned the whole house, read lots of books, traveled around the country, lounged at the lake, and saw what some of my friends were accomplishing in their "retirements",  I have been consumed by a gnawing sense of unease.  The years are creeping up on me, moving along slowly, yet so quickly.  Now that there is time to do almost anything I want, what do I want?

And what do I want to call it?  Everywhere I see people talking about "finding their passion".  Really?  That sounds like they just discovered sex or they spent time visiting porno sites.  Some call it new beginnings, or encore acts or heart's desire, or purpose, etc. etc.  It's supposed to be something you are so crazy for that you would spend every waking moment doing it for free.  Doing the same thing for every waking moment sounds incredibly boring.  No matter how much you first enjoyed it, you'd be longing to do something else before too long.

My husband used to ask this question of people he was interviewing for jobs.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  It didn't matter if they were 25 or 55, he would ask it.  Some chuckled and said they had no idea.  Some had a ready answer.  Some were baffled by the whole concept.  But it told him something about them.  Some were still searching, some had found their purposeful life, and some had no idea that they could make choices like that.

I guess I am in the still searching category.  There are all kinds of Find Your Passion exercises on the internet.  I took a couple of them and didn't really learn anything new.  I like reading, hiking, traveling, snorkeling and interior design.  Hmmm.  But I also like lots of other things.

So I guess the search will continue.  I think the act of making the search may lead to some answers.  And I will continue to ask friends and acquaintances how they are doing in their own search for meaning in their life.  Whatever I find out, I'll let you know.


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