Dreams or Goals - Taking the First Step to Making Them Happen

It's amazing, but since I have joined the over 50 crowd, I have gotten smarter! Or maybe wiser, or maybe more thoughtful, or resiliant, or something.   At any rate, I seem better able to see the big picture and where I fit into it. As I try on new dreams and ideas of what I want to do with the rest of my life, I look for inspiration everywhere.

AARP The Magazine has been running a series called "What I Know Now" featuring such celebrities as Bette Midler and Billy Crystal.  Their life experiences have been like most of ours, except of course, for the celebrity part.  They have experienced the same ups and down, hard times or good times.  What seems to be a constant feature of their success is their desire to dream and have a goal.  It didn't matter what the goal was, just that they had one and worked hard to fulfill it.

Goals and goal setting are very elusive for many of us.  We have an idea of what we want to accomplish but no real path to get there.  My husband, a former teacher and coach, always used the phrase of coaches everywhere when encouraging our children saying "It's only a dream until you write it down.  Then it becomes a goal."  Somehow the physical act of committing the dream to paper seems to give it some validity and set in motion the steps necessary to make the dream a reality.  I have discovered it's a magic bullet for making things happen!  Once you articulate that dream in writing, you are already on your way to your goal.  It slips over the line from a pipe dream to a very real possibility.

Write out your goal and hang it up on your refrigerator or inside the medicine cabinet door or someplace where you will see it often and it will inspire you.  It will keep you pointed at your goal and will send you far down the road to making your dreams come true, whatever they may be.  Give it a try.  It really does work!

Tell me some of your ideas for pinpointing your goals and realizing them.  I'd love to hear what works for you.


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