Giordano Celebrates 50 with a Bang

This past weekend Giordano Dance Chicago celebrated its 50th anniversary with a bang. Literally.

Okay, not literally. But the legendary jazz dance company presented its spring program with a whole lot of sex appeal. They started out with an amazing tribute to the legend himself, Gus Giordano, with his original choreography in Giordano Moves. Moving quickly on to the future, G-Force is a fairly recent (2012) addition to the Giordano repertoire choreographed by Autumn Eckman. I love this piece for its futuristic, edgy vibe that has a lot of arm-throwing. It's like a mix of sci-fi and hip hop.

Moving on! La Belleza de Cuba, a world premiere from Liz Imperio, was a sultry tribute to Cuban culture. Think sexy male dancers in straw hats, sans shirts, moving their hips all over the place. The ladies were equally entertaining and sexified in this Latin fusion piece.

Next up: Prey. Prey is a work by Ron de Jesus introduced in 2007. Set to the Kodo Drummers of Japan, this is a crowd favorite, and my personal favorite, with heart thumping music and intense, big movement.

The Giordano crew oozed sex appeal all the way up until Can't Take This Away, a grandiose, spiritual piece that makes your insides feel good, but not in a sexy way. The anniversary engagement blew me away with almost every piece. It's safe to say after 50 years, they likely have 50 more.

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