FlySpace: An economic solution for the arts

FlySpace: An economic solution for the arts
Same Planet Different World, Adam Gauzza and Liz Jenkins (photo by William Frederking)

We've all had to adapt a little to the economic climate. Well, most of us anyway. Since 2008, plenty of us have been penny-pinching and downsizing in order to make ends meet, or maybe just to keep our safety nets from falling through. Businesses, particularly nonprofits, are no different. One group of arts professionals has taken things into their own hands.

Four Chicago dance company directors are introducing FlySpace: a dance consortium that presents a new model of business for small nonprofit organizations. This model provides an umbrella program for marketing and development efforts that the organizations can mutually benefit from.

An interesting take on collaborative arts, FlySpace is presenting its first joint show at Jay Pritzker Pavilion April 5-7 and April 12-14. The FlySpace Dance Series will feature the companies of the four company directors, Hedwig Dances, Same Planet Different World, Dance COLEctive, and Zephyr Dance. The show will be a first for the joint venture, and will show the fruits of what is hopefully a successful new way for organizations to build audiences by resource-sharing and collaboration. For more information on FlySpace, visit

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