Happy 50th Giordano Dance Chicago!

This weekend Giordano Dance Chicago celebrated its 50th anniversary with its Fall Concert at Harris Theater. Chicago's renowned jazz dance company, Giordano spent the past 50 years in Evanston until this past September when they moved downtown to the loop--making themselves more accessible.

I always enjoy Giordano's shows, and I was particularly looking forward to seeing "Jolt" again, a premiere from last year that proved to be a crowd pleaser again.

This weekend's world premiere was "G-force," an urban piece set to club-ish music that made me want to go out and dance. Choreographed by Artistic Associate Autumn Eckman, it was more jazz-based than some of the other more contemporary pieces.

My favorite piece was the 2009 duet "Gravity" (full disclosure: performed by my friend Meredith Schultz) about love and conflict in relationships. It was an intertwining of intimate and passionate moments, played perfectly by the two dancers.

Other highlights included Mia Michaels' 1999 "Le Grand Futur is here!" and the 1978 solo "Wings" performed by Autumn Eckman.

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