Want a box full of goodies? Okay!

There’s  a new box on the block. Remember when Birchbox first came out? A monthly box of samples to give you a beauty boost? Well KLUTCHclub is getting in line and it’s based right here in Chicago. They send you health and wellness sample products and services all in an adorable klutchclub box. It’s like Christmas in a box. Well, healthy Christmas. Once-a-month Christmas. Whatever. Check it out.

Highlights of my August box of goodies:

$50 gift card for Tieks ballet flats. So I can wear ballet flats when I’m not at the dance studio. Oprah-reccomended and tres, tres chic.

Popcorners. A healthy alternative to chips that are actually really delicious. Seriously addictive.

Twistband. A hair-tie that’s super cute and flexible. Looks cute on a bunhead, too!

GoNola. Granola on the go. Love.

$10 gift card to GoSportID. This is actually really smart--they sell products with your ID on for when you're jogging or swimming across Lake Michigan or cycling all around town, in case you pass out, have a heart attack, or get run over by a car. No seriously.


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