Flirty Girl Fitness set to open in Lincoln Park next week

Good news! You no longer have to travel south of Webster to get your pole-dancing on. Flirty Girl Fitness' long-awaited arrival in Lincoln Park is finally here. Next week the all-ladies all-the-time fitness studio will host complimentary classes including "Divas in Heels" and "Video Vixen." No, I am not making this up.

You might recall my experience with S Factor, an alternative pole-dancing studio in west town. It's a smaller studio with a great atmosphere, friendly teachers, and classes suited to your, umm, skillset. My first encounter with Flirty Girl Fitness was not quite as positive.

Last weekend I finally made my way to Flirty Girl's original Chicago location in the west loop. I dragged along a couple of girlfriends, and we were prepared to shake our badonks, hopefully hanging upside down from a pole. When we got there it was like the color pink had left the rainbow and regurgitated itself onto the walls. It wasn't all bad--the black and pink motif grew on me, and the locker rooms were fully equipped with pink hair straighteners--love.

The place was filled with gangs of girls there for bachelorette and birthday parties. Upon entering, the service was stiff. There's a cocktail bar in case you can't get up the nerve without an amaretto sour. When we entered our assigned pole-filled studio, we realized we'd be sharing poles. Pole buddies. One customer refused to share and announced "This is my pole!" like a squealing child over a Tonka truck.

We looked to our teacher for guidance, in hopes that she would teach us some cool tricks. She taught us a few, but then had us move on to a routine that frankly was kind of a snooze and less than a challenge. Bottom line: It was a little catty and weird, and I learned more at S Factor.

With all that said, I'm willing to look past my less than amazing experience and try out the Lincoln Park studio. The complimentary classes and grand opening are calling my name...

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