So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 recap

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 recap
So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 (photo courtesy Fox)

Now that we’ve made it past all the hullabaloo of Vegas, the ever-sparkling (no seriously, covered in sequins) Cat Deeley handed over the top 20 dancers this year. This might be one of the most eclectic SYTYCD groups yet. From belly dancers to ballerinas, let’s take a look.

No seriously, there’s a belly dancer: I thought it was interesting Janelle chose to belly dance for all of her solo auditions, because she’s really well-versed technically in other genres. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they sent her home like the praying mantis guy (um, who was awesome), but she made it all the way through. She does shake her rump like a rumpshaker.

Seeing double: Two ballroomers AND two ballerinos? Nigel and Mary Murphy are really ramping up the competitive spirit this season. Lindsay and Witney are friends who’ve been dancing together since they were kids—so we’ll have to see who can get past the rumba and impress the judges (My money’s on Witney). And for the ballerinos? Daniel has been consistent through auditions, but Chehon is going to take this one with his athleticism and star factor.

Season of vets: With all the airtime they’ve given 19-year-old Alexa this season, there was no way she wasn’t making it to the top 20. Last year Alexa was cut just before the top 20, and this time around the judges had to draaaag emotion out of that girl’s face. But once she got it, she was fierce. Plus I love her crazy blond hair. Another vet is contemporary dancer Amber, who tried out twice before. Third time’s a charm!

Your genre is WHAT?? Martial Arts fusion. Animation popping and robotics. Sure these sound sweet—and look even sweeter on stage—but how will Cole and Cyrus (Glitch) hold up in the other genres? Should be interesting.

Other standouts: I cannot WAIT to watch Amelia, 20’s inspired contemporary dancer, do her thing on stage. Also, Eliana’s Cirque du Soleil experience as an aerialist and pole dancer is so freaking cool, and she is about as quirky-sexy as it gets.

Check back next week for more SYTYCD updates, cuts, and highlights!


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    The baseball number was BY FAR the best. Very excited to see what those guys can do "outside their genre."

    Will also be interesting to see how Janelle handles coming directly into the competition.

    Glad to have Mia Michaels back, but the number didn't quite work, did it?

    Our take:

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