Breaking Pointe mini-review: Dancers unhinged

Breaking Pointe mini-review: Dancers unhinged
Katie from The CW's new ballet documentary Breaking Pointe (photo courtesy The CW)

As if I needed another GD reality show to watch, The CW's Breaking Pointe is proving addictive after just one episode. It helps that 1. I like dance 2. I like to watch people dance 3. I like television.

I'm not picky when it comes to my dance shows. I force myself to watch Mary Murphy get obnoxiously overexcited every Wednesday on So You Think You Can Dance, so I can see the likes of Melanie and Sasha. Dancing with the Stars is played out, but I'll still catch the highlights. I'll probably even watch what looks like the worst ABC family show of all time (which isn't saying much, I guess) Bunheads, premiering in June.

It's refreshing to see a dance reality show that uncovers the dancer's life unhinged (well, just about). The show follows Ballet West, the esteemed ballet company in Salt Lake City, as they face contract renewals, jealousy issues, and relationship stresses.

The bonus for me? A hometown connection. No, I've never been to Salt Lake City...and I don't really know exactly where Utah is located other than generally west of Chicago. One of the dancers, Allison, went to my high school (shout out to Chartiers Valley!) in Pittsburgh. She was a senior when I was a freshman, and we were both in dance homeroom, so I got to see her dance on occasion. Truth? She was the best dancer in the school, gorgeous, and intimidating. Allison's younger brothers were also performers, and I danced with one of them in our school's dance showcase (he stole the show with his fouettes a la seconde).

I don't know much about Allison now, but it's clear from the first episode that her and fellow company member Rex are going to be the center of some relationship drama. She offers up a nice little quip for the camera, saying she's choosing ballet over love. But the actually cute couple on the show is Ronald, Rex's brother, and the adorable young dancer Katie. Cue the collective awwww...But (spoiler alert) the first episode proves problems ahead for Katie and Ronald...

My favorite foreboding line from the first episode? Artistic Director's Adam's made-for-tv line about letting "all the dancers know that they are special...but also that they're expendable." Practically scripted...oh reality TV, are you too good to be true?

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