Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago: Passion, Fire, and a morning ‘Jolt’

Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago: Passion, Fire, and a morning ‘Jolt’
Giordano's Meredith Schultz and Lindsey Leduc in "Jolt" (photo: Kam Hobbs)

Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago hit Harris Theater with a kick this past weekend. Literally. The company’s world premiere “Jolt” is a caffeine-inspired number that sends the dancers into a jittery frenzy after downing too many cups of coffee.

Choreographed by Autumn Eckman with concept and structure by Nan Giordano, the piece is a comment on the fast-paced lives of office workers and the tendency to over-caffeinate. It’s whimsical and lighthearted, but it also questions the daily grind that so many of us have to face every morning. Wake up, chug your coffee, get on the bus, race to the office, chug your coffee, work-work-work, chug your coffee, go home, go to sleep, repeat.

All statements on society aside, the group was high energy and didn’t miss a beat. I was out of breath just watching.

Other standout pieces included numbers from the company’s repertoire. One of my favorites was the duet “Cesura” (2002), performed by Zachary Heller and Lindsey Leduc. The sexy duet encompassed the passion and fire theme of the night and Heller and Leduc made a nearly perfect pair.

Other notable works include “Alegria,” a 2011 premiere, and “Entropy” the full-ensemble show opener. A stellar spring engagement—looking forward to next season!

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