Another year, another perfect Nutcracker

Another year, another perfect Nutcracker
Throwback to Joffrey Ballet's Yumelia Garcia as Sugar Plum Fairy in Joffrey's The Nutcracker 2011. (Photo: Herbert Migdoll)

I’m only asking for one thing this Christmas: a highly trained group of world class ballet dancers dancing like angels through glittery white snow. Aaaah. What? Too expensive?

As always, Robert Joffrey’s The Nutcracker did not disappoint on opening night. The holiday classic was the perfect Christmas treat to kick off the season. Although essentially the same performance every year, I had a few new favorites...

  • Yumelia Garcia. Stunning. I saw Garcia as the Sugar Plum Fairy last year, but this year she sparkled. I couldn’t have asked for a more mesmerizing Sugar Plum Fairy. She absolutely delivered, and her arabesque en pointe during the Grand Pas De Deux was tres impressive (Think oohs and aahs from the audience, myself included).
  • The Land of Snow. Okay, we already know this is my favorite every year, but I had to throw it in there. It’s too beautiful not too. Victoria Jaiani rocked it.
  • Derek Agnoletti as the Snow Prince. Fantastic!
  • The Gingerbread man. Too cute, and that goes for all the kids. Particularly when they run out from under giant Mother Gigogne’s dress. Hilarious.
  • The Victorian Parlor set. Again, this was essentially the same as last year, but you really do feel like you’re at a Christmas party at an old Victorian home when you watch this scene. It makes me want to roast chestnuts by the fireplace.

Happy holidays y’all! What has been your favorite Nutcracker this year?

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