I love bad TV: How did this happen? And a SYTYCD recap...

I love bad TV: How did this happen? And a SYTYCD recap...
Siiiingle Laaaadies. Stacey Dash's new show on VH1

So You Think You Can Dance is funny. Somehow during the past year I have succumbed to watching really bad TV. I don't know how it happened. In college I watched The Daily Show and Nancy Grace. When I first moved to Chicago I watched CBS 2 News and Morning Joe. Maybe it's my roommates, maybe it's the cold winter nights, but I have somehow learned to love poor television...to the point where Single Ladies and Drop Dead Diva are my favorite shows, and I rarely miss a Lifetime movie premiere. I know. Someone get me some Arrested Development DVD's, because I am drowning in bad lady TV!

With all that said, I think the judges, Cat Deeley, and the pseudo drama between contestants on So You Think You Can Dance is crap television. In fact, this is why I can't watch American Idol, The Voice, or Dancing with the Stars. All of these shows have about nine total minutes of quality television, and it's when the contestants are doing what they do best. Dear So You Think You Can Dance, Why do you have to be two hours when one and a half of those hours are completely wretched. Just dance, people!

So here we are, and now I've tricked you into thinking this post is about my addiction to bad television. In reality it's a SYTYCD recap. Here are some highlights from tonight's show:

  • Melanie and Marko: Melanie and Marko continue their seamless string of performances with a red hot number to Lady Gaga’s Americano with a Latino flare. Although not my favorite of the couple’s it was one of their most energetic and the two were like little fireballs on the stage.
  • Clarice and Jess: Hands down amazing choreography, song choice, and intensity. I think this is my favorite piece from Clarice and Jess so far, their chemistry was spot on and the combination of staccato and sensual movement was completely on for them. Love!
  • Sasha and Alexander: Sasha’s hip hop is disappointing to me, maybe because I so enjoy watching her dance contemporary pieces. This week the two did a routine to To the Moon by Miguel: I liked the piece, but I think they were more theatrical performers this week than dancers feeling the emotion in the movement—which they are both so good at. Unfortunately Alexander doesn’t pull through in the hip hop genre either. Nigel called it “Hip Hop for Dummies.”
  • Caitlynn and Mitchell: Amazing. I was nervous at first when I heard Celine Dion, but this piece was so, so beautiful. They finished to a standing ovation from the judges, and I have to agree with Mary Murphy on this one, it was my favorite piece of the night. The lifts, the passion, the leaps—spot on.
  • Nigel quote of the night to Tadd: “You did progressive twinkles!”
  • Carmen Electra as a guest judge is almost as useless as Mary Murphy. But definitely less annoying.

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  • I have to say, it's refreshing to hear an intelligent voice speaking about crap TV, no less making a plausible case for the obsession with bad TV (which kinda sounds like the obsession with sports, actually).

    Few bloggers who write about reality TV can string a sentence together, much less with bot "staccato" and "twinkles" within the same set of bullet points.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    Haha, thanks Andy. I still try to read a newspaper every once in awhile to maintain some sort of vocabulary outside of "darling!" and "will you accept this rose?"

    As far as the obsession with sports--at least sports has tradition, national pasttime, statistics, and actual talent (usually) on its side...

  • Me too! But I completely understand it, it's like a think-free zone, you can let your brain go on hiatus for a bit and be entertained at the same time.

    I'm sorry to do this to you, but if you are sinking into the world of bad TV, you're going to have to watch the housewives. I have two words for you: New Jersey.

  • Isa-Lee: It seems I'm a little deeper entrenched in miserable excuses for TV shows than you think. While I prefer Orange County to the New Jersey Housewives, I do think Teresa ought to make nice with Melissa...they are family after all.

    ...and while I think Ashley Hebert is a snoozer of a Bachelorette (super boring, says nothing of interest), I feel bad for her because Chris Harrison makes her look like a creepy stalker of He who will not be named (rhymes with Gentley). Poor girl! Thoughts?

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