Sneak Preview: Chicago Dance 2011

Happy New Year Chicagoans! I hope you all had a fab holiday...I know I did! The perfect combo of eggnog, champagne, sparkly dresses and lots of dancing. I hope you all danced the night away like I did.

There is so much dance about to happen in 2011 it is blowing my mind. A few things I can't wait for:

  • Swan Lake: With all the Black Swan hype it's hard to pass up a live performance of the dramatic ballet this winter. State Ballet Theater of Russia comes to Chicago to put this on February 4 and 5, as a part of The Soviet Arts Experience. We'll see how it holds up to Natalie Portman's performance.
  • The Merry Widow: A comic version of British choreographer Ronald Hynd's
    original, Joffrey puts this love story ballet on in February. A love
    affair, Paris, and can-can dancers. A heated Chicago debut is the
    perfect remedy for our harsh, never-ending winters.
  • Duets for my Valentine: Chicago Dance Crash puts on this collaborative night of performance as an alternative Valentine's Day. Drinks, entertainment, romance...maybe even love at first sight!

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