Fall Dance Begins: Hubbard Street's Fall Series

Ah, the weather's shifting from 90 degrees to frosty mornings, Starbucks is shoving Pumpkin Spice Lattes in your face, and Christmas lights-- let alone pumpkins -- are hitting the store shelves. It's Fall, people!

And, most importantly, our favorite Chicago dance companies have been waiting all summer to show you their stuff. First up of note: Hubbard Street.

Hubbard Street Dance Company will put on its Fall Series this weekend at the Harris Theater at Millenium Park. Four pieces make up the series which is this Thursday through Sunday only.

  • Guest choreographer Victor Quijada fuses "hip hop energy and contemporary aesthetics" in world premiere Physikal Linguistiks.
  • Resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo presents two new works, Deep Down Dos and Blanco.
  • Choreographer Nacho Duato presents Arcangelo, a "mysterious and illusive" tale of heaven and hell set on the company's talent. So far HSDC is the only U.S. company to perform Arcangelo

Tickets still available. Get 'em here!

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