Movin' on up at S Factor: Super Pole

All pole all the time.

That's what our instructor (shoutout to Carole Ann!) told us at the beginning of my Super Pole class today at S Factor. We spent nearly the first hour warming up on the floor, and the entire second hour on the pole.

There were only two other students in the class, and the intimate setting was helpful when we needed individual help (and we got our own poles, unlike the Intro class I took).  The three of us had varying levels of experience, with one student very advanced (as in upside-down-on-the-pole-advanced).

No, I didn't go upside down on the pole, but I worked so hard I have pole burn! (Don't worry it's just on my wrist). Last time I was at S Factor I learned the firefly--two hands on the pole, left heel hooked on the pole and right foot on the other side. Today we learned a few new tricks, and I convinced Carole Ann to teach us some level 2 tricks, too. I learned the ronde de jambe firefly (my favorite), the ballerina, and the half-pint. I could explain all of them to you, but the words mean less than actually doing it. Guess you'll just have to head to S Factor and try it for yourself!

I have to say, Super Pole kicked my pole-dancing butt compared to the Intro class. There were a couple of times I thought my arm was gonna come out of its socket, but we determined that's because I tend to have a death grip on the pole. We also practiced the tricks on the other side, aka the LEFT side (for me). Keep in mind I've never been able to do anything on the left side of my body, and then imagine me trying to fly around a pole with my left arm. It was hard, but I did get the left firefly down eventually! At least I know both sides of my body will be sore tomorrow instead of just one.

Check back for my review of Chicago Dance Crash's Qwan Sauce tomorrow!

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