"Lip Service" Dinner Series By Andrea Mary Marshall

ANDREA MARY MARSHALL Newest Work Of Art "Lip Service Dinner Series" Features Hand Painted Spoons & Knives Showcasing The Artists interpretation Of "The Last Super" Replacing Biblical Figures With The Lips Of Thirteen Of The Most Influential  Female Hollywood Icons. Price Tag: Original Supper Spoons-$6,500 Marilyn Knives-$850

The “Lip Service” dinner series consists of both “The Original Supper,” a set of hand painted spoons, and “The Marilyn Knives,” a set of hand painted knives. “The Original Supper” is a thirteen piece set of double-sided, hand painted silverware inspired by 15th century Apostle Spoons, which included a decorative spoon for Jesus Christ and each of the twelve apostles seated at “The Last Supper.” Replacing Jesus and his apostles are thirteen female Hollywood icons objectified by only their red lips and labia. Madonna is featured as Jesus Christ or the “Savior Spoon” and Marilyn Monroe is represented by a knife, symbolizing Judas and “the kiss of death.” This double-sided set serves up sex as “the original meal ticket” and comments on the consumption and exploitation of sexuality in popular culture. The thirteen Hollywood icons featured in “The Original Supper” are (from viewer’s left to right): Shirley Temple, Dolly Parton, Joan Crawford, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Taylor, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Cher and Britney Spears. “The Marilyn Knives” is an edition of five hand painted dinner knives featuring Marilyn Monroe’s lips based on the Gene Korman publicity photograph made popular in Andy Warhol’s famed silk-screen portrait. Each set of lips is painted a different shade, from pink to red, as legend has it Marilyn Monroe wore five lipsticks at once to create her famous pout.


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