877 Trees are being removed from Grant Park, the new Maggie Daley Park

You know I just don't buy this explanation. The removal of 877 trees "were at the end of their lives and their is little diversity of species and the ash trees will be killed by the emerald ash borer anyway. Reclaimed wood from 160 trees will be used in the new children's play area. Many of the crab apple tree are already dying and the honey locust, which is the predominant tree, is not that long lived."

"The new trees will be a much more diverse pallette of trees with more nature-friendly species. The species of new trees is being decided now and will help attract wildlife. What was first thought of as a total loss of many mature trees with the constructions of the new park, will actually be very positive because so many of the existing trees are in poor shape, dying, diseased, or species that do not live long. All are going to be replaced with much better stock."

I've lived here since 2007 and have enjoyed watching the trees go through the seasons, year after year. As an unscientific observer and person who enjoys walking through the park, the trees and their leaves looked absolutely beautiful in each season with their various colors.

I know the new Maggie Daley Park will be beautiful. New trees will be planted and there will be many fabulous amenities. I just don't know why they had to chop down all the previous trees. I guess it is 'get rid of the old to make way for the new.'

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