The Event Curriculum Blog is intended to discuss


"How do you become a Special Event Planner?"

It's literally a question I get asked all of the time and while I teach a college course on this very topic, I thought a blog would help me share the answer to an audience beyond the 30 students in  my classroom.

There isn't one widely known path for emerging event leaders to pursue.  The industry requires people to "figure it out".  As if this career aspiration is part of The DaVinci Code? How fair is it that if I wanted to be an accountant the college advisor would hand me a list of required classes and at the end of four years I would be an accountant?

Why did I choose a field that required me to "figure it out"?

Well I did ... and I am certainly better for it, because it's been a wild ride!

This blog will regularly discuss what you need to ..."figure it out".