The biggest fear for all event planners is nobody shows up

Let me walk you through the mind of an event organizer at that very critical moment right before the event is about to begin…

“OK here goes.  Everything is done.  I’m feeling good.  We've cultivated the best menu, determined a perfect event date, created a vision that lead to inspiring décor, selected entertainment that will keep guests rocking and rolling all evening . . . it’s all ready to go.  Staff is polished and trained, the lighting is perfect, the venue is spotless and it’s GO TIME.

They’re coming, right? The guests.  They’re coming to this event.  Right? Was the promotional plan robust enough? Wait, YES it was.  There was a ton of social media buzz about this event. The local paper covered it earlier in the week.  Tickets were given away on radio stations.  People are coming right? I knew I should have sent the media advisory out a day earlier.  Damn it.  All of those marketing classes talking about PROMOTION being the engine that drives awareness…yeah, yeah, I get it.  Maybe we should have bought 4 more Facebook posts.  Who reads those anyway? Shit.  Everyone reads those.  Damn it.  Why didn’t we buy more?

. . .

Man this weather is really not cooperating.  I knew people would only show up if the weather was perfect.  I wonder if there is a storm over the expressway.  I bet there is.  I’m going to check Accuweather one more time on my phone.  It’s got to be that storm they predicted.  UGH.  Damn media, they’re always ruining events by predicting horrible weather.  That’s what it is….Channel 5’s STORM TEAM likely told people to seek shelter and not go outside.  That’s why all of the guests aren’t here.

. . .

Were there enough signs down in the parking garage? No, I bet there weren’t.  Everyone is probably down in the parking garage walking into walls without directions.  I knew I screwed that up.  The hell is wrong with me? Why wouldn’t I print extra directional signage? How are people supposed to know if I only had a dozen signs down there?  That’s clearly not enough.  That’s the problem.  Not enough directional signage.  Maybe I’ll go down in the parking garage myself to yell and get everyone to follow me.

. . .

Accuweather isn’t loading.  Come on! How many “hot spots” do I need to set up for this to work?!?


. . .

This is just like the movie, 200 Cigarettes, did anyone else see that movie? It’s so stupid, why am I thinking about that movie now? What time is it? Who shows up to an event right on-time anyway? Nobody.  That’s lame.  That’s why nobody is here yet.  My guests are cool and cool people are never on-time.  Damn it! I need people to be here.  They’re coming right? The guests.  They’re coming?”

Sound familiar? If so, write a comment about your freak out moment, I’m sure we’d all love to hear from you!

This post was inspired by a previous post a colleague shared with me, check it out, When Nobody Shows Up.

Disclaimer:  The safety and security of everyone involved in an event is always most important.  Ensuring that nobody is hurt and there are no acts of terror is clearly the biggest concern. However, after all of that has been considered the biggest fear of anyone producing an event is that nobody will show up. 

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