“Unglamorous” jobs are the driving force behind a successful special event

It’s silly for anyone to think they can ever solely produce an event on their own without anybody’s help.  Producing a prosperous event requires substantial effort from a lot of people in order for the end result to be a success.  Whether it’s a 3 year old kid’s birthday party to a large scale music festival, events need teams of people to make it happen.

A friend and colleague of mine has forever referenced an old Friends episode whenever event assignments are handed down.  She has jokingly, over the years, called getting the, shall we say, less than glamorous functions, the “cups and ice” jobs.

Click on the link below to see the 3 minute clip of the Friends episode we’re talking about.

Additional real world “cups and ice jobs” can be any one of the following:

-     Being “in charge” of a challenging spreadsheet with 50 names on it

-     Being “challenged” with standing on the street waiting for a linen delivery

-     Being “tasked” with making sure ALL the brochures are passed out

-     Being “assigned” to counting light poles on city streets in February to hang banners from

There are two essential points to be made about these roles:

#1 – Every job is important when working on a special event and while it’s easy to think the job you are doing isn’t as “fun” or “glamorous” or as “important” as someone else’s  it’s still a very necessary component of the event.  Besides, many of the roles that look exciting are sort of like Tom Sawyer convincing everyone in the neighborhood that white washing the fence is great fun.  It’s all about perception.  If you look like you’re having a great time doing the “unglamorous” job you’ve been assigned it’s possible at some point others will also want that job.

#2 – When given a task go above, beyond and then some.  Phoebe had it right in that episode of Friends.  She took the one job she was given and did it big.  She put everything she had into doing that one thing perfect.  Yes, she might have gone a bit overboard, but good for her, she gave it her all!

Nobody can do it all on their own.  Embrace people’s willingness to pitch in when you’re in charge but also be humble about the tasks you are assigned when you’re not.  Everyone’s roles are important in the special events industry even if you’re assigned Cups and Ice.

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