DePaul student hones event planning skills to promote up & coming artist, Keith Masters

What would you do to promote your favorite budding artist?
Event planning student, Melissa Bordeau, is going to great lengths to promote hers.  Read below to find out what it takes.
(Melissa Bordeau is my guest blogger for this week.  A great example of what a student can do do now to break into the event planning world and hopefully help an artist accomplish his radio goal.)

I am passionate about music, and like to think I have a pretty good ear for it. As a writer for Windy City Rock, I come across a lot of new music every day and when something stands out from the clutter, that’s when I want to do what I can to help promote that artist.

Keith Masters was simply asking Windy City Rock to write an article to promote his Kickstarter campaign. The campaign exists to help raise money to get his new single, “Very First Time” on the radio, specifically Kiss FM.  When I started listening to his music, and learned of his past accomplishments, I wanted to help him more.


I was listening to his song “Nobody But Me” and my roommate, Samantha Raines, another DePaul event planning student, fell in love with the song and went as far to compare his music to Kid Cudi.

That day we spent hours coming up with creative ideas to help promote Keith. Samantha and I feel we have the abilities to promote his single, and he has the musical talent to be on the radio.

So the first step to promoting an unsigned artist is to raise money. That is where the Kickstarter campaign comes in. The goal is to raise $5,000 by May 21st to cover the costs of producing a music video, recording, remixes, and the radio and public relations push. All of these tactics are to be implemented to obtain his goal of getting his single on Kiss FM.

The great thing about Kickstarter is that for every pledge, you get an option of unique and enticing rewards.

For $50 you can be in the music video for “Very First Time”! For higher level donations there are also Cub tickets available and even the opportunity to have your brand featured in the “Very First Time” music video.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details about the donation prizes.

And with every pledge, you’ll receive a digital download of “Very First Time” before it is officially released!

The second step is to throw an event. We want people to get to meet Keith, and see how awesome he is! The event is next Saturday, May 18th and it is going to be a Single Listening Party with free entry, free drinks, and free food.

Keith Masters will be bartending for part of the night AND there will be a raffle.  Every $10 pledged to the Kickstarter, you’ll receive a raffle ticket for a surprise gift, winner will be announced at the end of the party.

Further details about the Listening Party can be found at

After the money is raised and the awesome event is produced, the next step to promoting a budding artist is to create an outstanding music video. We are already in discussion about the concept and plan to shoot the video in June, so for those of you that are going to pledge to be in the video, it is coming soon!

Once these three steps have been accomplished, what’s left is to reach out to bloggers, newspapers, college radio stations, and then to bigger radio stations, such as Kiss FM.

Promoting your favorite budding artist takes time, creativity, but most importantly, initiative and a positive attitude.

So please come check out Keith’s single for the “Very First Time” next Saturday May 18th, and meet this rising star- he may even make you his signature drink!

And in the meantime check out his Kickstarter and see how you can help us make Keith’s song the next big hit.

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